Tune Up Your Ride With These Simple Yet Amazing Hacks


For some of us, our cars can be everything. We ride in them every day and they are worn down by daily travel. They also might not look the same when we first bought the car on the lot. The shine has diminished and the interior could look like you haven’t cleaned it in years. We want our cars looking brand new all the time and there are things we can do. Consider these ways to tune up your ride and use some simple hacks to get your car back on track.

  1. Exterior

A car’s exterior that’s gone down considerably over the years still has some hope left. Most don’t know that simple things in your kitchen or your bathroom can bring the paint back to life. Try using some hair conditioner on the exterior. It will renew the shine on your car in no time. Use a cloth with a dab of conditioner mixed with soapy water and you will start to see the results.

  1. Declutter!

One of the things we are all guilty of is throwing stuff in our car that we need. This could be a hairbrush or some gum we intend to chew at some time or another. You can begin storing these things in a shoe holder from your closet. This can easily be draped over the driver’s seat or the passengers. Most shoe holders have many compartments you can store anything inside you need for the long ride to work. No more will you have to dig around while trying to steer your car looking for a dental stick.

Everyone is guilty of going through the drive-thru eating the food and throwing the bag in the backseat. This often happens because we are in a rush or have no time to find a real trashcan somewhere on the road to dispose of these wrappers. Consider buying a small trashcan for your car. These can be found at any retail store. They often can sit nice and snug between the driver and passenger seat. You can also put them on the back of a seat. Either way, you know longer have to clutter your car when you have a trashcan right at your feet.

  1. Tyre defects

Tyre damage will happen to anyone at any time, regardless of however careful you’re or whether your car has new tyres or older ones. Checking your tyres usually and ensuring that they’re among the limits will assist you to lower repair prices and avoid bound sorts of damage. You should seek for any obvious signs of damage: punctures, worn patches, etc. You must conjointly run your hand on the tyre to check if something is stuck within the tread and check the air pressure to make sure it’s at the best level. To ascertain the tread, you’ll be able to use a tyre tread depth gauge or a coin. Most of us live with these car defects. Watch your car come alive and you’ll no longer have to ride around being embarrassed.

  1. Headlights

We all notice a sudden diminishing of our headlights. They don’t seem to be as bright when we bought the car. One is because cars sit in the sun for a long time. If you don’t cover your vehicle, then the sun-rays will do their job on the paint and your headlights. These will become foggy and unclear when you turn them on at night. Consider taking some regular toothpaste from the bathroom and a cloth to scrub your headlights. Do this a couple of times and you will see how your headlight will look brand new.

  1. Oil Check

You probably keep in mind the recent rule of thumb that your oil ought to be modified 3,000 miles, however, for several cars today, you’ll push it to almost 7,500. Despite this truth, you must still check your oil yourself. It’s primarily the “blood” of your car and if it lands up empty or too dirty, you’ll find yourself with an awfully massive bill.

Since you’ve checked your oil, you must probably check your transmission fluid too. Make sure that it too is full and clean. If you happen to note metal items within the fluid or that it’s dark and cloudy, take it to your mechanic for a flush promptly.

  1. Change filters

You must consider changing the filters on your own. Every vehicle must have their filters modified on a daily basis–even electric cars have cabin filters. Each engine and cabin filters are terribly simple to exchange and it will prevent ample money on labour at the shop.

  1. Monitors

For those who have small children, riding with them everywhere can be chaotic. Think about investing in a monitor. One that can play their favourite music and a show. It can be distracting to ride with a crying child and you could get in a wreck. Find a small monitor to install on the back of the driver’s seat so your child can focus on that to reduce some of their worries.

Try these simple hacks to make your driving experience better. There is no sense in riding in a dirty car or having an ugly paint job that can be restored. Use these tricks to make your car look new again.

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