Trump announces deployment of armed forces in Washington

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has announced the deployment of a large number of armed forces in Washington. Protests and demonstrations continue in several US cities following the violent death of a black citizen by police.

In his White House address, President Trump announced the deployment of the Armed Forces, saying that insecurity in Washington is “extremely humiliating. The military will be mobilized to end lawlessness and violence. As President, my first and foremost responsibility.” The responsibility is to protect America and its citizens.

“I am deploying thousands of troops to prevent looting, arson, and siege. Those responsible will face heavy fines and long prison terms,” he said.

Trump added that justice would be served in the George Floyd case.

Earlier, he had asked the state governors to take stern action against the protesters involved in the violence.

The president also visited a church near the White House that was set on fire during the protest.

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