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Top Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

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Whether you’re planning to build an outdoor kitchen from scratch or want to transform the design of your existing kitchen, there are several design ideas you can use to turn your dream into reality. An adequately-built outdoor kitchen can be a total game-changer to your cooking experience. Besides, it can help enhance convenience, entertainment, add value to your home, make cooking easier, and add function to your outdoor living space.

But when planning to install an outdoor kitchen, you need to consider several aspects such as your backyard size, location, how you will use the kitchen, and the outdoor appliances you want to be incorporated. With that in mind, here are some of the top outdoor kitchen designs you can use to create a beautiful and fully functioning outdoor kitchen.

Optimize Your Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Your outdoor kitchen layout is as important as that of the indoor. The amount of space, budget, site, and cooking style you choose will determine the type of your kitchen layout. You can opt to build a straight-line kitchen which you’ll lean across the wall – this outdoor kitchen layout is ideal for smaller spaces.

Alternatively, you can go with a U-shaped, which has increasingly become an ultimate outdoor focal point. This design works best for a larger and multi-purpose freestanding outdoor kitchen, complete with a sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, grill, bar area, and other fixtures. You can also incorporate a kitchen island to create a more enhanced entertainment hub, cooking area, and storage space.

Add Appealing Lighting

Adding some lighting to your outdoor kitchen is essential as it can help create a soothing ambiance and provide appropriate lighting for cooking and other tasks. Furthermore, proper lighting can enhance the mood for entertainment and create a welcoming spirit. You can add a combination of different types of lighting for a more appealing effect.

If you have a shed overhead, such as a pergola, you can consider hanging some lighting above the space. Alternatively, you can consider placing a pole yard light, mounting a light along with the working area, adding a few candles or string lights to create an intimate environment.

Choose Suitable Outdoor Appliances

Another tip to creating your dream outdoor kitchen is to consider the type of appliances you will need for your outdoor cooking area. You can choose to include a grill and smoker and an ice maker (options include a built-in ice maker, portable ice maker, a refrigerator, or kegerator). Including a small built-in refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen is a convenient way to keep juice boxes, sodas, and beer to prevent unnecessary movements in and out of the house. Additionally, if you’re a beer enthusiast, consider installing a kegerator with two or more taps to allow you and your guests to have different types of beers simultaneously.

Add Function to Your Outdoor Living Space

One of the best ways to add function is to extend your outdoor entertainment and living space area. Furthermore, you can get the most value for your living space by planning for shelter, warmth, and shade. You can also prepare for cooler temperatures by either building a fire pit or purchasing an outdoor heater in the winter months. Another alternative is to include an outdoor gas heater.

If you have a relatively high budget, you can opt for radiant heat over your patio to create a practical toasty retreat. Another way to make the most out of your outdoor space is to incorporate comfortable furniture to create a cozy and welcoming setting. You can also install an outdoor kitchen shade like a pergola or awning to make your entertaining and cooking more pleasant during hot months. For the seating area, consider planting some trees or installing a patio cover or umbrella.

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