Top 5 Ways to Maintain Truck Tarp Systems

Truck Tarp Systems

Tarp systems are important for protecting loads and preventing damage to other vehicles on the road, if you own a transportation company with a variety of flatbed trucks. Your best choice is to invest in a high-quality tarp system or order customized tarp systems to suit the bed of your trucks perfectly. However, if your organization is going to spend money on tarp systems for your trucks, you would undoubtedly want them to last a long time. Fortunately, correctly maintaining a truck tarp system is not difficult.

Tie Them Down Securely

Wind whip is among the most frequent types of signs of wear to truck tarp systems. It is a sign that the tarp will soon be broken and ripped apart. This is why it is important to tie them down securely, when the truck is moving. If it is not properly tied down, it more than likely will attract dirt and debris. It may also soil or damage the tarp. Furthermore, the loose material will flap in the wind. This can leave the tarp in shambles. Wind deflectors might be a great option, to reduce wind flapping, especially if you are a high speed driver. It also puts less strain on the tarp’s fabric. A wood board is also another good option. It will protect your tarp from hail, bugs, sunlight,etc.

Utilize Padding

It is important to use padding often, prior to securing the load . Padding should be mounted on the truck bed’s edges and corners, as well as the load itself. This keeps the tarp from being nabbed and ripped. It only takes a few minutes to secure the padding while preparing the truck. By doing so, it will help prolong the life of your truck’s tarp systems.

Keep it Tidy

Since truck tarps are constantly exposed to the elements, they can become very filthy over time. Tarps that have accumulated dirt and other residue will not lasts long. This is why it is important to wash the truck tarp on a routine basis. In fact, cleaning truck tarps a few times a year is generally advised. Keep in mind that proper truck tarp cleaning is a vital part of good servicing. This is because oil, salt, and dust can disintegrate the surface over time, making it more vulnerable to tearing. To begin, place the tarp firmly on the ground or across your flatbed. While there are special cleansers available for cleaning a tarp system, standard dish soap will suffice.

Patch Up Holes

Knowing how to repair a truck tarp will help you avoid having to buy a new one. Inspect your tarp for holes and problem areas any time you clean it or store it. If you find any tiny ones, fix them as soon as possible with a repair kit. These kits include vinyl patches and super-strong sealants to patch any tears until they become larger and more difficult to repair. Make sure you patch up your tarp from the inside. You can always patch by stitching, if there is a large tear.

Store it Properly

Keeping your tarps outdoors can lead to a variety of issues. A tarp can be damaged by UV light if left in the sun all day, rendering it thin and brittle. It’s also possible that leaving your tarps in a high-traffic location will cause harm. This is why you must fold and store your tarps as quickly as possible. You can be sure that your tarps will continue to work, for as long as they can, if you take good care of them.

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