Suggest To Finish Corona, Get A Reward Of Rs 10,000

Uttar Pradesh

The Indian government has announced that the citizen who will come up with the best proposal to fight and eradicate the global epidemic Coronavirus He will be given Rs 10,000 as a reward.

According to the Indian website My Nation, the government of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is going to launch a public campaign from July 1 in which citizens will take suggestions for the eradication of the epidemic coronavirus, the government of Uttar Pradesh. According to him, the citizens can also submit this proposal to the government by writing or making a one-minute video. The winner of this campaign will be given a prize of Rs 10,000 by the government.

According to the Uttar Pradesh government, 100 of the best proposals will be selected and each person will get Rs 10,000. Citizens can send these suggestions to the government by writing on WhatsApp, making a video, or even by email.

Uttar Pradesh Health Department Principal Secretary Amit Mohan Prasad has said that the government wants the people to come together to eradicate the virus, the government wants the people to come forward and show their ideas on how to fight the virus. And how to raise awareness against it.

“Our goal is clear: we want to eradicate the virus with the help of the people, so the government is launching a campaign and asking for suggestions from the people,” he said.

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