Strategic Financial Tips- Early Retirement Planning


Retirement it is that exciting phase of your life when you wish to relax and achieve some of your most cherished dreams. Lazy mornings, a cup of coffee and peace of mind staying away from a fixed working schedule. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Of course, it does! So, have you ever thought of retiring early?

The quality of life that you can lead is primarily based on the money you have gathered over the years. But, there isn’t a “one fit for all” solution to your retirement needs. And, there isn’t a fixed financial planning rule that applies to everyone.

So, do you know how to lead a sound after retirement life even if you don’t have enough savings or money in hand? Are you wondering how this is even possible? This might seem strange, but you may have to worry less if you plan in the right direction.

Let’s see how to manage well in this scenario.

Retire early with No Money: How to Manage Well?

  1. Evaluate Your Assets:

If you are thinking to retire early, you must evaluate your existing assets. How much cash savings you have? Assess your physical assets including all real estate including your house, land, and any other properties you own. Don’t forget to take count of your cars, collectibles, and valuable items. Keep track of anything that adds monetary benefit and can help you once you retire.

  1. Track Your Financial Portfolio:

How much pension funds, retirement savings you have built until now? What amount you have already accumulated in your TFSAs and RRSPs? Are you a safe investor or you have been putting money in stocks and riskier asset classes? You must be aware of your present net worth and the scope of future earnings from it.

  1. Streamline Your Budget:

A meticulously planned and detailed budget can simplify complex things. Therefore, set a budget, and calculate a nominal cost that you’ll have to bear after retirement. Note down your current monthly expenses, and start cutting on any extras. Focus on necessities and avoid unnecessary spending on luxurious products.

  1. Pay off Your Debts while working:

I know, this is one of the most challenging tasks, but also the most crucial one. And, that’s quite achievable, if you plan it systematically. So, if you are thinking to retire early, make your retirement debt-free. Having little or no money on retirement is fine, but being piled up with debts doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

  1. Invest Wisely Right Now

Retiring early without any savings isn’t an easy to go and fun ride. You must have recurring income streams to support you. After all, you have to manage the costs to survive in this expensive world. So, whether you wish to retire early or not, learn to start investing at a young age.

The Bottom Line

Many people reach the retirement age without adequate savings, owing to the high cost of living and rising needs. Fortunately, if you work towards a sound financial plan, that can surely help you overcome this situation.

Even if you retire early and without much savings, you can manage a decent living. However, building a financial cushion for emergencies is equally important.

So, to experience a rosier retirement outlook, all you need is careful planning and prioritizing your financial future.

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