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Staying Safe from too much Heat


Many picture the Land Down Under as full of bright and sunny days. The huge landmass of Australia means that climate and atmospheric conditions vary with region. However, this is not always the case. The southern states typically have cooler weather. Their winters may even be rainy. It is the northern states that can take the brunt of the sun. Temperatures there can reach dangerous conditions. Thus, equipment, such as a wall-mounted air conditioner for houses and small-scale enterprises, is essential to keep people safe from excessive heat.

The Heat Down Under

As the saying goes, “If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.” Well, in the summers, especially if there are heatwaves, some areas of Australia can feel like a kitchen, a sauna, and the devil’s armpit all rolled into one. Summer in the country is around December, and in 2019, the Nullarbor Plain in the southern portion of Australia hit nearly 50°C. Fortunately, there are no residential or commercial areas here.

Unfortunately, places with people did not experience much difference. Those in the Eyre Peninsula experienced temperatures that hovered above 45°C. In December 2019, the Bureau of Meteorology recorded the average highest temperature across Australia to be 40.9°C, beating the record in 2013, 40.3°C. For those in Australia, there is no getting out of the kitchen. The next best solution is to get a wall-mounted air conditioner to cope with.

How Heat becomes Life-threatening

The Australian Medical Association states that over 500 people die in Australia due to excess heat stress. The human body strictly regulates an average temperature of 37°C. Just going to 38°C qualifies you to have a fever. In the case of excessive heat, your body has methods to keep itself cool. A slight increase from 37°C can make you sweat when your sweat evaporates. The sweat absorbs the heat from your skin, evaporates, and thereby cools you. However, what your body can do has limits. Ridiculous conditions, such as unusual summers or heatwaves, maybe too much for it. Eventually, you get heat stress. If your body keeps sweating, you will run out of fluids and electrolytes. Heatstroke can occur, and without treatment, it can be fatal.

Stay Frosty

When the mercury rises outside, the ideal thing you can do is to stay at home. Fans will not help much since they will blow burning air on your face. Your entire home does not have to feel like winter. You can simply cool down a couple of rooms you use with a wall-mounted air conditioner. However, remember that you cannot just stick any air conditioner and act like everything will be fine and dandy. A wall-mounted air conditioner is still a sensitive piece of technology. The air conditioning business measures the performance of an air conditioner using British Thermal Units or BTU. There is an ideal BTU for each room space. A general guide is that an air conditioner needs roughly 65 BTU for each square meter. Thus, if you are thinking of an air conditioner for a certain room, you have to know its space in square meters.

You still have half a year before summer hits. If you live in the northern states with no air conditioning unit, you may want to consider getting one. Let the temperatures in December 2019 be a lesson for you. The cash you use on an air conditioner is cash you save from a trip to the hospital.

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