Seven Most Competitive Finance Jobs in 2020

Competitive Finance Jobs in 2020

Students in every era face tremendous challenges to decide their career, but this year was different from several aspects. The rising trend of virtual learning became a necessity, and professionals got a chance to work from home with convenience.

Amidst several changes, graduates face the most trouble opting for the best field and pursuing a career in their dream organization. Choosing a career path is becoming a hassle for students, and getting their dream job is another big issue. However, sound research before deciding on a career track can make everything smoother for the new generations. In every field, students must choose their majors wisely. Furthermore, all students must keep their skills and interests in mind before pursuing any degree program.

Although people believe that finance and accounting roles open up rarely, the finance sector has many opportunities every year for the graduates. Nevertheless, the competition is tough, and it is not as easy to get a job as it sounds. The majority of graduates have one question upon degree completion: ‘which job is best for me?’ Believe it or not, you must have this question in mind. Students with an accounting degree interested in finance have some serious trouble, but don’t worry. This blog has everything a finance graduate would want to know about jobs. Here you may find what you can do with an accounting degree and be a finance pro as well in today’s highly competitive world.

Being a tax associate enables you to acquire knowledge and experience in local, state, and federal laws at a professional level. You can work independently, in an organization, or become an entrepreneur. The majority of tax associates own a bachelor’s degree while some pursue an MBA to grow. Individuals having experience between one and three years have an average salary of $61,750 annually.


Do you like suggesting or advising people, especially about finances? Then becoming a financial analyst is the best choice for your professional life. You have to assess the investment market and advise people about the remarkable ways to invest in equities and real estate. The good part is that you can work from both sides; the buyer’s side and the seller’s side. It depends upon who you wish to assist. Financial analysts‘ average annual salary is $85,600 with a good job outlook in this decade.


With a median salary of $76,220 and seven percent growth in opportunities, you can go for budget analysis as your profession. From public to private institutions, everybody needs analysts to oversee their budget. You can be one of these shining stars as well, and you will also check whether the budget reports are accurate or not.


Are you interested in the bigger picture? How about working as an economist? The in-demand role of economists can do justice with your finance and accounting degrees. Before you make any decision, be sure about your research skills. Exceptional research skills are essential to excel as an economist. You can work in a government agency or a private firm because everybody likes to take calculated risks. Economists earn an average annual salary of $64,000, and you do not have to worry about the job outlook for a long time.


Accounting students can easily decode the job requirements. Credit analysis means you are working for any public or private company and advising them on their credits. If you have good research skills and knowledge about credit applications, this job may be perfect. Credit analysts’ salary lies between $35,000 and $100,000 per year. Furthermore, the field is diverse, and you can enter loan management, portfolio management, or investment banking.


People nowadays are smart enough to analyze their financial needs, and investment planning under expert supervision is a wise choice. Personal financial advisors have no concern with a team or organization. Their sole responsibility is to assist individuals or households in efficiently planning economic activities. The entry-level professionals begin with $45,000 annually, and the rise in income depends upon your skills and how you work with different people. If you are concerned about the job outlook, analysts expect a 15 percent increase in personal advisors’ job opportunities.


You may also call them remuneration specialists, and they are responsible for the employee compensation and benefits section in any company. Most people leave such responsibilities for individuals with an HR degree. However, accounting and finance can also work in the role.


Having an accounting and finance degree is not a big deal if you are an expert in your field. If you are a fresh graduate, know that your skills can help you get a competitive edge. You will find many people saying that there are no finance jobs in the market, or roles in good organizations do not open up, especially for newbies. Never believe them because accounting and finance majors welcome several great opportunities. All it takes is effort and the right skills to grab those possibilities.

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