RV vs. Tent Camping: The Pros and Cons

RV vs. Tent

Nothing beats waking up in the outdoors. Stepping outside to a day engrossed in nature is very revitalizing. The question to ask yourself is: are you unfastening a tent or opening an RV tent? However, neither of the two is better than the other—it all depends on a person’s preference. But you might not be certain which one to choose if you have never gone camping. Do not worry! Reading this will help you understand the best option for your kind of camping.

Easy Setup: RV vs. Tent

Do you want a kind of camping that is easy to set up? Tent and RVs are nip and tuck. Indeed, it all depends on your RV and tent model, but the two have choices with easy setups. Two people quickly put the smaller tents up in less than ten minutes. However, more giant tents may need more hands and time.

RVs may differ in their assembling. For a small trailer, you need to unhitch and set up stabilizer jacks. You hardly need to do much if your preference is a Class B RV. But a bigger motorhome will consume more time setting up because you will handle awnings and slide-outs.

The one thing that differentiates these two kinds of camping when setting up is packing. Ofttimes, what has to do with an RV is to get in and drive. But if your choice is tent camping, more is involved because you have to pack every piece separately.

Comfort: RV vs. Tent

Are you looking for comfort? Then RVs are your go-to. It is pretty hard to be comfortable in small tents. Sleeping choices are either on hard cots or the ground. Only a shrill layer of drapery shields you from outside elements, and there is no weather control. You will cook on an open fire or a separate grill. Bathrooms are behind a tree or are shared ones within the campground. Amazingly, many people prefer tent camping because of this reason. It is a fantastic way to experience nature and be in touch with the outdoors.

An RV offers a different level of comfort. Even the tiny motorhome is cozier compared to a tent. It comes with complete amenities such as full bathrooms, kitchens, dinettes, a bed, and a queen RV mattress. Also, they offer more security from outside elements and have air conditioners and heaters. RVs can be connected to sewer, electricity, and water. They are essentially tiny homes on wheels. If you want an authentic camping experience, opt for a luxurious RV and live in a resort rather than a typical campsite.

Tent Security vs. RV Safety

If you are more concerned with safety, RVs are definitely much secure than tents. The majority of RVs have lock-up capabilities, implying that you can lock the front door, similar to how you lock in your house. Conversely, tents are secured with simple zippers. If imaginations of snooping raccoons, intruders, or scary crawlers make you not sleep, RVs are the best options. Despite being protected at a campground, an RV is an excellent choice since you can store your tents safely in case you want to leave.

RV Costs vs. Tent Camping Costs

Tents are generally cheaper. A decent tent can cost as little as fifty dollars, and primitive campgrounds with no hook-ups are very inexpensive than RV spots.

Tent Storage vs. RV

This one is obvious–an RV offers a better storage option. For instance, you could store cooking provisions, clothing, and other camping gear in the exterior storage partitions or inside the RV. When camping in a tent, you have to pack every time you are done using the items.

RV vs. Tent Cooking

Sweltering marshmallows on a campfire is fantastic. However, cooking food in an RV kitchen is enjoyable. With a microwave, oven, and stove, you can cook anything and clean dishes in the well-fitted sink. It is hard to wash in a tent. Also, storing food in a freezer and refrigerator is more expedient, preventing it from attracting bugs.

The Decision

You have the pros and cons of RVs vs. tent camping—now you can choose your preference. If it is hard to make a decision, go for both. A few camping with the two will help your choice.

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