Road Trip Hack: Why Renting a Car Could Be Smarter than Driving Your Own

Road Trip

You’re probably very excited about your next holiday. The accommodation has been booked, your itinerary almost done and you only have to sort out a thing or two before you finally hit the road. However, you might still be in two minds when it comes to transport. Logically, you are thinking about your own car, because you know it so well and feel comfortable driving it. You may believe that there is no reason why you’d be better off renting a car, instead of driving your own. Well, you might be wrong.

There are several reasons in favour of renting a car for your next road trip and we’d just like to mention the most obvious ones. Needless to say, there are definitely situations when you should drive your own car, but you’d be surprised to learn that in many situations that’s not the case. Let’s find out more…


Obviously, when you drive your car you don’t have to pay a car rental company. However, if you’re going on a longer trip, which would require a lot of driving and a lot of mileage, you need to think very carefully. Namely, it could be cheaper to rent a vehicle than to put all those additional miles on your own vehicle, especially if you find a good deal on a rental car. That way, you’ll put those trip miles and the depreciation that goes with it on that rental car instead of your own. Also, your rental car might get you better gas mileage, which translates into lower fuel cost for your trip.

Finding the best car for the trip

Let’s say you need to take a longer trip with your whole family in tow. That means you need to take more stuff with you. And what if you’ve decided to go camping and need to bring all the camping equipment with you? You see what we’re trying to say? There are moments when your car is simply not suitable for the kind of trip you’d like to have and in most cases it is either too small or not powerful enough for the terrain you’re planning to drive on. Since you don’t take such trips often, it makes no sense to buy such a car and drive it on a daily basis. Instead, choose from a wide range of vehicles offered by a car rental company and find the car that suits you best for the trip.

rent a car

Sometimes you have no other option

If you’re planning on visiting a remote destination and would like to drive around while away on holiday, it really doesn’t make much sense to drive your car all the way there and then for a few days more and then back home. Let’s say you want to visit Australia. The most efficient way to get there is by plane, but you can’t take your car with you. So, find a reputable car hire at Melbourne airport or wherever it is that you’re landing and start your journey immediately. Leave the car at the airport on your way back home and you won’t have to think about transport any more, but you’ll have enjoyed all the benefits of having a car while on holiday.

Your car may not be so reliable

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on your car and having it road-ready for a demanding trip would cost an arm and a leg and you don’t have that money at the moment. If that’s the situation, you should definitely rent a car that is in great condition, since you don’t want car-related problems while you’re on holiday. A rental car is far less likely to give you trouble on the road and even if it does, there is a 24/7 hotline assistance you can turn to for help.

Testing a potential purchase

You might be considering purchasing a new car and you have a specific model in mind. What better opportunity to test it than renting it for a couple of days to see how it behaves and how you feel behind the wheel. It’s a much more comprehensive experience than doing a little lap around the dealership with the salesperson sitting shotgun, telling you how great the car is.

You want to treat yourself

You may not be in a position to have a car of your dreams 365 days a year, but you might be able to afford it for a couple of days or weeks. Why wouldn’t you pamper yourself a bit and choose a car that drives fast, looks cool and isn’t the same one you drive to work every single day? After all, you’re on vacation and you want to feel good, so driving a car you’ve always wanted to have is just another step towards achieving a great experience.

If you take everything into account, you shouldn’t have problems deciding what the best solution for you is. Just don’t dismiss the idea of renting a car too quickly, because it certainly has its benefits.

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