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There are very few businesses that have not been impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. Even law offices are feeling the impact. There are some steps that you can take to recession-proof your law practice.

Develop a Contingency Plan

You will need to look at your business and find opportunities for your firm. You need to develop a plan on how to keep your existing clients while attracting new ones. You also need to look at what legal services may be needed at this time and how to provide them. You also need to look at what services you can bill for and what the clients are still willing to pay for. You need to be motivated to make some changes.

Find Additional Opportunities

Some businesses are going to be doing better than others. You need to find a way to keep your firm relevant. You can offer virtual meetings with your clients over platforms such as zoom to check in. You can use social media to help you find additional clients. LinkedIn is a great source for professionals. You need to make strong connections with other businesses and advertise your services. This way they will know to come to you in case they need some legal advice. You can also contribute to a publication. You have to do this now since you will have some time and get your business out there. You can also attend webinars with other lawyers and share tips and suggestions for how to keep a practice going during the pandemic.

Digital Marketing

Since you have time now is a great way to become a digital marketing expert. You need to learn how to market your practice and keep it going so you will have a business to keep on running. You should look at some basic business and marketing practices to help your law practice stand out. There are articles and information on how to become on Google and how to get the attention of customers. If you need more information on this topic you can watch tutorials to help you. David Mintz, a Denver workers’ compensation attorney, believes in digital marketing. “Ever since we allocated some budget and really started spending some time on digital marketing, we have seen our leads significantly grow.”

Develop a List

You need to make an A, B, C plan when it comes to contacts. We all know a lot of people between friends and business associates. A may be people that can directly help your business, B can be those that may know someone, and C can be all others. You should then contact some people beginning with A over email or video conference to talk about your business and see if they know anyone that may need services.

Keep in mind the 3 Ps

When it comes to a business there are three P can that help you.


You need to have a plan on how you are going to keep your practice going at his time. You need to look at how you get to gain new customers and what you can do to stay relevant.


While you are marketing your business and looking for a new customer you need to learn about the process. You will not go into court unless you are prepared and the same can be said for marketing your business. You need to learn about practice time management, networking, and how to attract additional clients.

Performance Improvement

This is something that you may already be familiar with. You need to learn from your mistakes and take measures to grow and improve. You need to do the same when it comes to marketing your practice. You need to look at the techniques that will work and the areas where you are going to need to improve. Learning from mistakes is a way to fix them and become successful. It may take some time but it is important to learn and move forward.

These tips can help you keep your law practice relevant during the pandemic. You may need to work harder at marketing but these tips will help you keep your practice open and allow you to keep on working in your chosen field.

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