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Preplanning tips for your home interior design!

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When you are on the verge of renovating your home, each and every idea that you find in any home decor magazine looks appealing to you – almost luring you to try them all out! And often you even design your home according to the pictures that you see in those glossy magazines. But it is not necessary that each and every pattern, colour, and design that you see as an alluring image would suit your home and lifestyle. That is why a proper planning before you start your interior designing is ideal to avoid any kind of mistakes or glitches later.

Ø Best ways to plan your home interior design beforehand!

A perfectly designed home depends upon proper planning and expert designing. And if you want your interior space to look extraordinary, then follow the below listed steps to achieve it:

o Understanding the space and requirement better — The commencement of an accurate interior design happens begins with understanding your room and space better. If you want to know which room would look extraordinary with a huge wardrobe, be sure to measure the space of the room first. Will you get enough space left after you place the wardrobe here? Or if you place a hexagon shaped bed, then will your room look overcrowded? You should also consider the people occupying the rooms. If a room shall house a couple, then obviously the design for it would be entirely different from the one that would host a single person, or an elderly or a kid – every person having a unique requirement and lifestyle. A good designer takes it all into consideration.

o Find a linking theme for all rooms — If you want to design each room differently, then it’s well and good. But it’s always great to find a binding theme in common for the entire place. It may be anything – a theme, a wall colour, an accessory – anything.

o Draw a layout — You don’t need to be an expert to draw a layout of the interior design of your home. You can draw a sketch about basic furniture placements, window spaces etc.

o Call the experts — Now comes the main task. Call the various experts who would be responsible for designing and remodelling your home for you. The designer who shall review your requirements, share professional opinion, edit the sketch you made, and create a perfect design for your home that ticks all the boxes. The experts are your go-to people now for a flawless result – like, the architect who’ll make your drawing turn into something tangible, the painter who shall add colours to your dreams, and even the expert responsible for interior plastering in Auckland, Total Paint has the most reliable team of painters and plasterers who’ll guarantee a fabulous finish on your home and help you create a magnificent haven. But make sure that you and the experts are on the same plane and be aware of the expectations of each other.

Now you are very much ready to see your dream of an ideal home turn into a reality. Trust us, consideration of all the essential points, and planning everything thoughtfully beforehand, would be the biggest positive boost in the entire process.

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