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Planning to Remodel Your Bathroom? Here’s What You Should Know

Remodel Your Bathroom

One of the most important spaces in your home is the bathroom. It’s a place where you start and end your day. It’s also a space where you can relax or rejuvenate after a long and exhausting day at work.

When your bathroom has seen better days, you need to remodel it, so it could better adapt to your current needs. Before you give this part of your home a facelift, however, you need a working knowledge of what to consider and expect from this process.

Take note of these eight considerations before moving forward to building the bathroom of your dreams:

Think About Your Home’s Plumbing

The style of cabinetry and sink fixture you pick for your remodeling could affect your plumbing. When installing a new vanity for your bathroom, figure out if you’re willing to have the pipes reconfigured by a professional plumber. A bathroom renovation may derail pipes that protrude beyond the vanity’s undercarriage.

When planning for a bathroom remodel, think about the plumbing system you have and allocate a budget for any pipe reconfiguration.

Consider the Tiling on Your Shower Floor

When remodeling your shower floor, you typically have two options for tile construction: large or small tiles. Unless the tiles are textured, bigger tiles are more difficult to slope properly, as the grout lines are farther away from one another.

Small tiles, on the other hand, provide more traction. Laying them, however, could take more time – and more time translates to higher costs.

If you’re unsure what tile size best fits your bathroom, check with your home remodeler or general contractor.

Make Sure the Bathroom Floor is Slip-Resistant

Besides tiles, you need to consider safety when choosing the floor for your bathroom. The space becomes wet and moist when you take a shower, so you’ll want to invest in a slip-resistant material on your floor. You could, for instance, install wide grout lines and small tiles to create friction, reduce the likelihood of slipping and improve safety in your bathroom.

Want Flattering Bathroom Lighting? Plan That Carefully

Excellent lighting isn’t as simple as installing a few light bulbs here and there and calling it a day. Many bathrooms are small and filled with mirrors, which complicates how light bounces around the space. Lighting, therefore, demands careful planning and placement.

Here are a few tips to achieve good lighting in your bathroom:

  • The simple and safe way to light up a bathroom is to install a lighting fixture at the center of the ceiling.
  • Install vertical fluorescent lighting fixtures on your mirror if you spend a lot of time doing your makeup or applying skin care products on your face.
  • Two wall sconces should be enough if you already have a bright bathroom.

Remember to Install Accessible Outlets

The last thing you want in a renovation is the lack of accessible outlets in your bathroom. Not having outlets in this space can make your life more inconvenient. If you want to dry your hair, for instance, you have to plug the hairdryer somewhere else. During planning, make sure you remind the contractor to strategically add outlets in your bathroom.

See If a Window in the Shower Works for You

A window is an excellent bathroom feature if you have it installed properly. If you’re going to install a window, make sure that you pick a frosted glass panel, which offers the privacy you need. Also, opt for a tilt-and-turn window for your shower. This way, you could enjoy complete privacy even when the window is tilted open.

Think About the Storage for Your Bathroom

Storage should never be an afterthought when remodeling the bathroom. So much of renovating a bathroom that feels both functional and serene comes down to excellent storage. When drawing up your remodeling plans, add storage that blends well with the bathroom.

An example is to install a few tall shallow cabinets concealed in a stud bay. You could also install a recess in the shower area to make the storage feel that it’s built-in.

Choose Your Bathroom Countertop Wisely

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, choose from a range of countertop materials, including concrete, laminate, natural stone and ceramic. If you want a countertop option that’s low maintenance, choose granite. Although this material may be pricey, it can elevate the look of your bathroom and make a statement. Plus, granite countertops are easy to clean.

Keep in mind these considerations when remodeling your bathroom. The accessories you plan to include and the components you’re looking to replace will determine how much you’ll need to pay for this home improvement project.

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