Pedestrian Crossing: What Happens If You’ve Been Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian?


Cars are a large part of our society, and each year there are inevitable accidents and instances where cars injure pedestrians. The injuries that result can be significant and the medical bills that can pile up from these injuries can alter the course of someone’s financial future. Even those who face minor physical injuries are left with emotional scarring and the trauma that occurs in a serious accident such as a car and pedestrian collision.

If you have been struck by a car and are continuing to feel the negative effects as a result, the best thing you can do is know your rights and understand the process of regaining some of what you have lost in the process. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be in the best position possible to get what is owed to you.

Know Your Rights

In any accident situation, you should know your legal rights that will protect your best interests. If you have been struck by a car, you will want to enlist the help of a professional attorney who is experienced in personal injury and pedestrian accidents.

If you have been struck by a car, the only barrier to getting the compensation that is owed to you is proving that the person that has struck you is more at fault for the accident. With an experienced and professional attorney that knows the intricacies of pedestrian-car accident law, you can regain compensation for medical bills, missed work, and emotional damage.

You are entitled to get as close as possible to the standard of life that you had before your accident, and an experienced attorney can help you do so.

What To Do

The minutes, hours, and days after an accident in which you are struck by a vehicle are extremely crucial. To protect your rights, you need to follow these steps:

  • Call 911 or law enforcement
  • Keep the driver of the vehicle nearby
  • Ask any witnesses to stay until law enforcement arrives
  • Record the license plate and details of the cars involved
  • Provide law enforcement with a detailed account of what happened
  • Take photos of the scene
  • Get the driver’s insurance information and license number
  • Report the accident with your insurance company
  • Seek medical attention if required
  • Follow the instructions of your medical professional
  • Keep detailed records of all expenses associated with the accident
  • Get in touch with a reputable and professional attorney to help you recoup any losses

With these steps, you can maximize your chances of successfully recouping lost time, funds, and mental health because of your accident.

Your Options

When you are involved in an accident that causes you harm, there are several options available to you. Whether you have been affected physically, emotionally or financially, you can take action to recoup your losses and restore your well-being. You can seek compensation for the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehab
  • Emotional distress

If any of these apply to you, you can seek compensation with the help of an experienced attorney.

Consult A Professional

The most important step that you can take to ensure success and help to regain what you have lost is to work with a professional and experienced attorney that knows how to achieve results. Contact an attorney today to start the process of recouping your losses and gaining the compensation that you deserve.

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