Modi government blamed for racist violence

Modi government

In a recent report, the European Parliament’s Research Service blamed the Modi government, the BJP and the RSS for racist violence in India and the deteriorating situation in occupied Kashmir.

The report said that since the return of Narendra Modi to power, 53 Muslims have been killed after being subjected to racial and religious violence. This has severely damaged India’s secular system.

Meanwhile, the Chairman Kashmir Council for the EU has welcomed the report of the European Parliamentary Research Service on India’s negative attitude.

In a statement issued from Brussels, Chairman Kashmir Council for EU Ali Raza Syed warmly welcomed this clear and factual report on violence against minorities in India in the dire situation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that according to the report, India has been laying siege to Jammu and Kashmir since last year.

A large number of arrests were made in occupied Kashmir, and the Internet and other communications systems were suspended. The controversial new civil law has escalated violence in India, creating panic among the Muslim minority.

The Modi government is adopting such an attitude to divert attention from India’s poor economic situation.

Ali Raza Syed said that the international community should take notice of the atrocities against minorities in occupied Kashmir and India and put pressure on the Modi government to stop it.

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