Members of the European Parliament demand to raise the Kashmir issue with India 

Kashmir issue with India 

In the wake of the latest situation in Occupied Kashmir, 15 members of the European Parliament have called on the European leadership to raise the Kashmir issue with India. The demand was made by members of the European Parliament in a letter addressed to European Commission President Arsala Vanderlin and European Foreign Minister Giuseppe Borrell.

Accompanied by Vice President of the European Parliament Fabio Masulo Castaldo, Bettina Wallath MEP, Helmut Schulz MEP, Maria Arena MEP, Daniela Rondinelli MEP, Javier Norte MEP, Carlos Poigdemo MEP, Anthony Koman Olivier M. EP, Clara Ponsati MEP, Alvina Almetsa MEP, Ernest Artasen MEP, Klaus Bakhner MEP, and Mike Vilas MEP and others addressed the European leadership in their letter that Kashmir is the longest-running conflict in the world today, recognized by the United Nations and perhaps the most dangerous in terms of military presence could be a flashpoint for war.

The MPs said in the letter that the Kashmiri people were facing unbearable pressure due to this long-running conflict and where they had been deprived of their freedom and fundamental rights for the last seven decades. This is also mentioned in the report of 2018 and 2019 released by the UN Human Rights Commission. Thousands of civilians have been killed and scores forced to flee their homes as a result of India’s efforts to control the area. These increasing figures have also been mentioned by the Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society, an organization affiliated to Jammu and Kashmir. The MPs further wrote in their letter that many generations of Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir could see nothing but oppression.

In a letter, the MPs criticized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that the BJP, under his leadership, had changed its status in Kashmir after winning the elections and deployed more troops there, a curfew was imposed, the media was shut down and the political leadership was arrested, were an unannounced curfew has been in place for the past nine months.

He lamented that Hindu nationalism was now dominating society and politics in India, which was once a democratic and inclusive state. India wants to resolve the issue of Occupied Kashmir not politically but by its military might alone.

The MPs further wrote to the President of the European Commission Arsala Vander Lane and the Head of European Foreign Affairs Joseph Borrell to urge the major parties to this conflict, including Pakistan and the Kashmiri people, to engage India in this issue and our leadership. Let us inform India of our concern that it refrains from violating the basic human rights of the Kashmiri people and Indian Muslims.

It may be recalled that two weeks ago, the European Parliament’s Internal Research Center published a report to assist members of parliament and their staff. As a result, not only the head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee wrote a letter to Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, on the contrary, this time the other 15 members of the European Parliament have directly addressed the European leadership and asked them to talk to India about the situation in occupied Kashmir.

The present letter written by the Members of Parliament is also significant because India’s view was that the Kashmiri people and the power of Pakistan are the Kashmiri or Pakistani-origin members of the European Parliament who are elected from the UK. But it is also continuing in the new European Parliament. For which the diplomatic officials of Pakistan and those personalities who at the institutional level continue to present the case of the Kashmiri people in the form of research documents deserve tribute.

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