Long-Distance Move Checklist

Long-Distance Move

Contrary to popular belief. Moving over long distances does not have to be stressful. With the proper planning and a competent checklist, moving becomes a breeze. The checklist below will make your long distance move smooth and easy.

Eight weeks prior

  • Make a detailed exploration of your new neighborhood. If you can’t reach it physically, make use of information sources such as Street Advisor to get a clearer picture of where you are headed to help you with researching nearby schools, especially if you have children.
  • Determine how you will move your stuff, whether through a DIY move or by hiring professional movers.
  • Get quotations from various companies and pick one with the most convenient services and prices.
  • Book your flight tickets two months early to get fair prices if you intend to have your belongings shipped separately.
  • For those intending to DIY their move, prepare all the material you will need for the move, such as newspaper, bubble wrap, duct tape, and packing boxes. You should also service your vehicle for the move.
  • Come up with an elaborate moving budget that thoroughly covers the expenses you will incur on the move. It would be wise to overestimate your budget to cover unforeseen expenses.
  • Give your employer early notice of your intended move and ask for time off if necessary.
  • Give the landlord advance notice of your move to avoid problems with your lease.
  • Set up your final doctors’ appointments. Transfer your records to a reputable physician in your new area. Doing this early will allow you to look them up and make an informed decision.

Six weeks prior

  • Make a record of all your belongings, those you intend to move with, and their present conditions. Photos can be very effective.
  • Sift through your belongings for bulky items that would be costly to transport over long distances. Host a garage sale or donate these items alongside the things you will not be carrying.
  • Begin packing up belongings that you hardly use but will need for your new home.
  • DIY movers should check with their friends and those intent on helping them move to avoid last-minute inconveniences.
  • Make a schedule to meet your friends and family before leaving to get adequate time to say goodbye.
  • Notify and update your subscription services to suit your new location. Making a list of your subscriptions will ease the process. Cancel memberships and subscriptions where necessary.
  • Notify utility company’s o your move to avoid extra billing.

Four weeks prior

  • You must determine your new polling location and update your voter registration.
  • For those moving with their vehicles, initiate plate transfers and acquire new registration. Also, update the address on your car insurance. If you are driving, make bookings for hotels or Airbnb’s along the way.
  • Organize your crucial documents and safely store them before the move, from certificates to identification.

Two weeks prior

  • Clean your home and make repairs where necessary to meet the specifications in your lease.
  • Update your cell provider and banking information with your new address.
  • Limit the number of perishables flowing into your house and clear out what you have stored.
  • Get confirmation from your movers on the agreed date for the move and the necessary moving details.
  • Notify all relevant government services of your new address, especially for IRS and social security.
  • Keep an elaborate list of your expenditures for the move and safely store all the receipts and paperwork.
  • Separate your essential belongings and pack them separately for easy access.
  • Reach out to the utility companies supplying your new home to ensure all is operational upon arrival.
  • Clean up your home with regards to the freezer, microwave, oven, and bathrooms.
  • Get cash in hand for emergencies and tipping the movers.

Moving day

  • Clear pathways and put down floor protection to ease carrying your belongings.
  • Pack a first aid kit.
  • Inspect your home with your landlord and take photos for convenience.
  • Take a final walk through your old home and the memories it holds.
  • Go through your checklist and make sure all the tasks are covered.

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