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The existing dimmer switches designed for higher power incandescent lamps will not work with many of the LED lighting bulbs.

In indoor lighting, LEDs with CRI (a measurement unit used to express how the light source’s ability to render the eight color sample chips compare to a reference on a scale from 0 to 100) below 75 are not recommended for use.

Based on the quality of the DC power supply built into the lamp structure, usually located in the lamp base, the extent of LED lamps to likely flicker is determined. The contribution to headaches and eye strain can be observed from the longer exposures to flickering light.

There remains a limitation on the power that can be used in lamps that physically replace existing filament and compact fluorescent types since the LED life pans as a function of lumen maintenance drops at higher temperatures. The significant factor in the design of solid-state lighting equipment is the application of Thermal management of high-power LEDs. An impair on the performance and the reduction of lifetime are due to the presence of incompatible volatile organic compounds while also knowing that LED lamps are sensitive to excessive heat, like most solid-state electronic components.

Consequently, when there is reduction of market for replacements in the distant future; it affects manufacturers since the long life of LEDs expected to be about 50 times that of the most common incandescent lamps and significantly longer than fluorescent types is advantageous for users.

Moreover, the human circadian rhythm can be affected by light sources and that is why is of recommendation by some organizations that people should not use bluish white lamps at night.

According to research, there is likely a cause of direct ecological impacts as well as indirect impacts since the shift to LED street lighting attracts 48% more flying insects (such as attracting more gypsy moths to port areas) than HPS lamps.

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