Know Your Rights: Hire Miami Personal Injury Lawyers For A Fair Trial And Compensation

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Undoubtedly, Miami is one of the greatest cities to live in. From the tropical weather, the pristine white beaches to the people, the city has positive energy. Sadly, it ranks highest in the country in terms of personal injuries due to boat accidents.

In 2019 alone, there were a total of 607 boat accidents, resulting in 57 deaths, 297 injuries, and over $7 million in damages. If you or someone you know has been involved in a boating accident, it’s best if you can reach out to Miami Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible.

Common Forms Of Boating Accidents

Below are the frequent cases involving boating accidents in Miami:

  • Recreational boating accidents
  • Jet Ski
  • Yacht accidents
  • Commercial boat accidents
  • Marina dock accidents
  • Diving injuries
  • Boating collisions

If you are involved in any marina/boating accidents and suspect it was preventable, don’t keep quiet. Seek out professional legal assistance today.

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Boating Accident

From jet skis to kayaks, yachts, and speed boats- water sport activities are a fantastic way of relaxing and unwinding. Naturally, you can’t foretell when, where, or how you will be involved in an accident.

In the unfortunate event, you find yourself in an accident; it’s essential to call out for help- your life matters above everything else. Once you have cleared with the doctor, it’s recommended that you seek legal advice from a reputable personal injury attorney.

This is essential as it will offer you the best chance of getting compensated for medical bills, damages, emotional and bodily harm, etc.

To get a hold of a reliable attorney, you could ask those close to you for any references. Alternatively, it’s possible to get hundreds of professional attorneys’ contact information by using the internet.

At this point, try and narrow the search to within your area. This way, you can quickly and conveniently meet and discuss your case. The consultation will serve the purpose of gauging if you indeed have a basis for a lawsuit. If you do, your attorney will advise you on the way forward.

Role Of The Attorney

The role of professional Miami Personal Injury Lawyers is to represent you in any litigation against those responsible for the accident. Although, please note that not all personal injuries that happen in or around water require a maritime attorney.

As a rule of thumb, the law of admiralty is applicable if a boat or a vessel- recreational or commercial- is involved in the injury. Despite this, you should still get in touch with an attorney as there are gray areas regarding the rules.

Winning the case depends on the attorney’s ability to establish that you are the victim of carelessness. Hence, it’s prudent that you recruit a highly capable lawyer; otherwise, your chances of settling or winning a favorable ruling become slim.

How To Hire The Best Lawyer

It’s normal for an injured individual to seek a claim from the negligent party. But, before you can ask for compensation, first to locate and engage the service of a great lawyer. Before you consult with any Miami attorney, it’s essential to know how much you will need to pay for consulting them regarding the case.

The good thing is most don’t usually charge and offer a free consultation. Others tend to charge a fee; usually, these are more successful and have numerous cases on their hands. Despite this, it doesn’t guarantee success in the courtroom.

You can claim compensation in your lawsuit, depending on the damages you incurred due to the personal injury. This could be for medical bills, rehabilitation, trauma, lost wages, and expenses.

Lastly, some victims tend to shun away from filing personal injury lawsuits because they believe they can’t afford the attorney’s fees and other legal expenses. You’ll be glad to know that most Miami Personal Injury lawyers work on contingency.

This means that you don’t have to pay them any money upfront from your pocket. Instead, they will take your case, present it in court, and if they are successful, they take a portion of their cut from the compensations awarded to you.

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