Industry Insights: 3 Ways to Give Your Car Wash A Competitive Edge

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How do you earn client loyalty as a car wash owner? It’s an interesting question since most car washes today offer essentially the same services, often with distinctions the average customer isn’t likely to recognize. What does “touchless” really mean, for example? And does it matter if they opt to get their car waxed? Most people aren’t sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop a strategic advantage. You just have to be smart about it.

Boost your wash’s performance and get the whole town talking about your services with these 3 simple adjustments. There’s no need to re-envision your business. Success starts at the foundation with better basic practices.

Keep It Clean

Obviously, cleanliness is the whole point of a car wash, but many don’t do enough to maintain their brushes and cloths. If your car wash still uses brushes, rather than cloth, to scrub cars clean, you need to make sure those brushes are carefully maintained so they don’t scratch the surface of your customers’ cars. This is typically only a problem for older cars that have lose their protective top coat, but that’s not something you want associated with your car wash.

It’s also important to keep a close eye on cloths used for post-wash detailing. These cloths often pick up bits of dirt and debris that can damage vehicles’ finish. If you do want attendants to hand dry cars, be sure they have plenty of cloths available and that they’re kept meticulously clean, so they don’t cause surface damage.

Interior Upkeep

People virtually live out of their cars these days, with moms in particular referring to their vehicles as their second homes. That means that their cars can get pretty messy, especially on the inside. Keeping the interior clean can at least keep the car from developing an unpleasant smell, and it can protect its value. More importantly, as a car wash owner, you can leverage these dirty car interiors to your advantage.

As a car wash owner, you’ll want to equip your facility with the best array of industrial car vacuuming devices. That includes standard, coin-operated interior vacuums, as well as specialty equipment like floor mat cleaners. You might even consider installing shampooing and spot remover machines for drivers who want a more complete interior clean.

Consider Going Touchless

Many drivers don’t actually understand what it means for a carwash to be touchless, but it’s certainly an appealing name. Those who’ve done their homework, though, know that touchless car washes are generally best because they’re least likely to damage the car’s exterior – they use an assortment of soaps and chemicals, along with high-pressure sprayers, to clean away dirt. And, as an owner, they demand less maintenance since you don’t have to worry about monitoring aging brushes or cloth spinners.

If you’re preparing to make the leap to touchless cleaning – or if you’re making any other substantial upgrades – advertise those upgrades widely. People always want to try the latest technology. Invite them to experience your improvements.

As a car wash owner, your bread and butter customers aren’t car enthusiasts, who are more likely to wash their cars by hand, but rather everyday drivers who just want to keep their cars looking nice. Show them you’ve got the tools to keep their car looking its best with minimal fuss, and you’ll draw customers in and keep them coming back.

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