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How to Select the Best Iron Entry Doors for Your Home

How to Select the Best Iron Entry Doors for Your Home

The growing popularity of wrought iron entry doors can be attributed to how they blend form and function to create a final product that is both dazzling and secure. These doors are more investment piece than passing trend, and provide long-term benefits that include significantly increased curb appeal.

Selecting one of these iron entry doors can be daunting, since these investment pieces command attention and can completely transform the appearance of their home. You already know the importance of a good first impression and the value of working with a valuable manufacturer; but once you’ve chosen them, how do you sift through the vast array of door options available to you?

Below, we’ve leveraged our expertise to assemble the top four considerations to factor into your decision-making process.

  1. Price– Before you even begin to shop, determine your budget or budget range. As you then sift through your options, knowing clearly how much you are willing to spend can provide you with guidance that will save you time and prevent decision paralysis. If you’re planning to sell your home soon, you might want to run your thoughts on door spend past your realtor in case they can help provide any additional cost-benefit details. After all, if a snazzy new door that seems more expensive upfront radically affects your curb appeal and helps you sell your house faster and/or for more money, it will be worth it.
  2. Single- or double-entry– The width of the existing door will dictate initially whether you are starting with a single or double door. Remodeling is usually an option if you would like to expand or reduce the entryway, although this will increase your budget and could extend your timeline for project completion. Similarly, you should be prepared to consider the thickness of door that your entryway requires.
  3. Shape– Does your door need to have a curved arch, a rectangular frame, or another shape? This will depend on both the entryway as well as the architecture of your home. Thinking about the style of your home should also influence the style of the iron patterns on your door, since you want to make sure you maintain unity of visual style in your home’s facade.
  4. Lighting– The positioning of your door relative to the path of the sun will determine the maximum amount of light you can have come in through your door. From there, you can choose different types of glass and iron shapes to help adjust the amount of light that shines through, affecting the external appearance of your home, the amount of light penetrating internally, the weight of the door, and the cost.

Here at Universal Iron Doors, we can help you figure out which option works best for you from all the iron entry doors available. We’re just a phone call away, and we ship nationwide.

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