How To Make A Holiday With The Kids Easy

Holiday With The Kids Easy

Travelling with your little bundles of joy is something that most parents love doing, but the thought of making the trip and handling logistics is enough to make you think twice.

We know that travelling with children is far from easy and most parents that have done this before can attest to that.

We’ve spent some time interviewing parents that travel a lot with their kids, getting tips and necessary knowledge on how to make vacationing with children as seamless as possible.

Here are a few ways of making travelling more comfortable.


The first thing you should do when travelling, especially when going outside Australia would be to scan your travel documents, passports, identity cards, travel insurance and everything else and email them to yourself.

If something untoward happens, you’ll be able to easily replace and recover lost documents if you can supply your document details to the nearest Australian embassy, consulate or your insurance company.

The last thing you want is to be stranded.

Smart Packing

The fact that you’re travelling with a little one means that you’re more likely to have excess luggage. If you’re not thrilled at the idea of dragging masses of luggage through the airport, then you need to have ways to reduce your overall baggage.

A great way to do this would be to invest in vacuum storage bags to shrink pack items, saving you valuable suitcase space and helping to keep your luggage below your airline’s weight limit.

Slow Down

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, our number one tip for you and your loved ones to make the most of your trip would be to spend more time in fewer places.

If you’re interested in exploring the NSW coast with your kids, you should consider picking Bonny Hills Holiday Park as your holiday location.

Located twenty minutes south of Port Macquarie, Bonny Hills is home to some of the best fishing spots and surfing beaches in the country.

For a more immersive experience, consider renting a cabin at the secluded Jimmy’s Beach in NSW.

Prep your Children

The easiest way for your trip to go awry is to embark on it without preparing your kids on what they should expect.

With the aid of websites, books and everything else, give your little ones an introduction into the history, climate, culture, and cuisine of your destination.

Also, make everyone responsible for something, so your kids feel a sense of responsibility.


Pick child-friendly accommodation, and stay in a safe, central area that is easily accessible to most attractions; this will make it easier to commute and save your little ones from boredom.

Alternative accommodation options are also worth exploring, consider a tent in the open if you’ll be vacationing at a park. Consider looking through some apartment sharing apps to help your little ones have that more ‘at home’ feeling.

Consider Inviting Others

If you have friends or family members with kids in the same age bracket as yours, you should consider inviting them to go vacationing with your family.

This not only gives you extra pairs of adult hands to help out, but it also helps you cut costs and ensures that your kids have familiar faces to have fun with, thereby making this a win-win for everyone.

Have Fun

As a parent, it’s quite easy to get lost in the planning and execution of a holiday that you tend to forget the primary reason you’re on holiday.

Bonding with your family, having fun and creating memories that’ll last a lifetime should be your primary duty during your next vacation.

You deserve to have fun too.

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