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How to choose a vase for the interior?

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Looking for a nice decoration for your home? Choose a vase! A bouquet of freshly cut flowers in a nice vase is a decoration that fits in any interior. One decorative vase is all you need to make your room more attractive and no more smaller decorations. See how to choose the right vase for the style and size of your interior.

Vase style

It is important to choose the vase according to the style of the room. Before buying a decoration, consider whether it will fit into your apartment and where you will place it. This way you will not make a hasty decision.


What particular vase you choose should depend on the style of your apartment. If you prefer minimalism or Scandinavian arrangements, choose a simple glass vase or one with elements referring to nature. Thanks to that the decoration of the room will be perfectly harmonized with the rest of the equipment.


For the glamour style, bet on the glitter! Gold, silver or rose-gold vases are perfect here. You can also afford the original form.

Modern classics

With modern furnishings you can follow a similar principle as when choosing decorations for a minimalist interior. Simple form and classic colours are something that is always in trend.

Vase size

An important issue in choosing a vase is not only the style of the interior to which you choose the vase, but also its size. In small rooms, small vases will also work. They will not be overwhelming in a small space. You can opt for larger and taller vases if you live in a tenement or a house with high vaults. In this case, a small vase can be an invisible decoration. Then the high vases (formadore.com) will look very stylish.

A vase with a bouquet of flowers is a great decoration. Simple, natural and adding character to any interior. Contrary to appearances, it does not take much to decorate the apartment – simple and fast. Now you have to choose your favourite bouquet.

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