Get Help for Sexual Harassment in New Jersey!

Get Help for Sexual Harassment in New Jersey

Employers are responsible for offering a safe working environment for employees. Sadly, sexual harassment is rather common in New Jersey, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say a huge number of such cases are not reported for various reasons. Dealing with sexual harassment at work can be a frightening experience. This could refer to sexual advances from a senior who promises a promotion, or something like sexual texts and messages. If you are facing such circumstances at work, talking to one of New Jersey’s employment lawyers can help. In this post, we are sharing more on dealing with sexual harassment in NJ and seeking help.

Reporting Sexual Harassment

If you want to prove that you were being sexually harassed, you have to report the incident to your HR. Keep in mind that a one-off incident may not qualify as sexual harassment. If someone was passing lewd comments, make sure to tell them that their behavior and comments are not welcome. If that doesn’t stop the harasser, report it to your human resources. All companies in NJ have clear procedures and policies for addressing sexual harassment reports. There will be an investigation into the matter.

Gather Evidence

If you are filing a case of sexual harassment, you are responsible for proving the claim. In other words, you must have evidence to support the case. This may refer to texts, messages, photographic evidence, and video footage. It is wise to gather as much evidence as possible, preferably when you face something unusual on the first day. If there were witnesses to the case, do take their details and get their testimonials, with help from an attorney. Your sexual harassment case is as strong as the evidence you have.

Contacting an Attorney

Sometimes, companies don’t take action as expected, and in worse cases, the employee may have to face retaliation. Also, if sexual harassment continues after a report has been filed, it can create a hostile environment, where an employee cannot work. If you reported sexual harassment and were not happy with the outcome, you may consider talking to an attorney specializing in NJ employment laws. In case the employer has retaliated against you, there may be the scope to file a lawsuit seeking both compensatory and punitive damages. An attorney can guide you on your options and can argue the case on your behalf.

There is limited time for filing sexual harassment cases, so contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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