Germany: Restaurants and cafes reopen after lock down

lockdown in germany

Several provinces, including the German capital, Berlin, on Friday allowed restaurants and cafes to resume business with some precautionary restrictions. In these restaurants, tables and chairs must be arranged at least one and a half meters apart.

It should be noted that the rules of precautionary measures are different in each province. Hessen Province, for example, has restricted the distance between tables to 5 square meters. In Brandenburg, customers must use a hand sanitizer before sitting in a restaurant or cafe.

Other rules require business owners to note down the details of all customer contacts so that in case of a virus infection, a list of all guests are available and all people can be notified in a timely manner.

In many states, waiters and other staff are required to wear masks to cover their noses and faces, while in some states they are only required to wear masks. In Saxony, customers are only allowed to issue washed menu cards.

In many places only two members of the same family per table will be allowed to sit at one table.

Restaurants and cafes are open in Berlin from today. All restaurants in the rest of the states are expected to open between Monday and May 25.

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