Factors to consider in buying an RV air conditioner

buying an RV air conditioner

Most RV owners usually have their Rvs as their home in the beginning. As a home, it should be your place of comfort and tranquility after a tiring day. This is the reason why you should have good ventilation inside to promote that relaxing feeling.

In that sense, if your RV has no built-in air conditioning unit, you should consider buying one. There are many RV air conditioners in the market, making it hard to choose the right one. Good thing you are reading this article because we are here to guide you in deciding which suits your needs.

Read further as we unravel the factors that you should consider in buying an RV air conditioner.

Consumption Power

This is a must to check in buying your RV air conditioner. This will determine how powerful the cooling capacity can be in your RV. For example, the higher the cooling capacity is, the cooler it will be. Also, you need to consider the area’s size to identify which cooling power of an air conditioner you will avail of.

Generally, the cooling capacity is measured by British Thermal Units or BTU. It is a measure of the heat content of fuels or energy sources. Typically, portable air conditioners or RV ACs indicate the British Thermal Unit suited for specific room sizes.

Power Consumption

When you are in a traditional home, using different electric appliances all at once is possible thanks to an abundant electric power source. But with an Rv, it was evident that you need to use your devices wisely due to limited power supply. In that sense, you need to look for an air conditioning unit with a low power rating to make sure that it will not drain your battery system or your RV generator.

Aside from it will keep your RV unit cool and cozy, it will guarantee longer mileage as well. Usually, these ratings are specified in each unit. If you are buying via online platforms, it is always indicated in the description panel. Or you can search for it as well.

Air Flow

Even if you have the most powerful air conditioning unit for your RV, it is sometimes not enough to entirely cool off the whole unit. You might think that it is just a waste of money, but you might want to stop aggravating yourself even more. The reason why some powerful air conditioning units aren’t cool enough is because of the airflow system.

This is very important because it will be the factor that will make the room cooler quickly. Usually, it is the vent for the fans doing the action. When buying an RV Air conditioner, always check for the airflow rating. On top of that, check if the fan is oscillating as well. If it oscillates in 90 degrees or 360 degrees, then that is better.

Fan Power

You also need to consider the power capacity of the fan and the fan motor. Now, this is measured by horsepower (Hp). The higher the horsepower, is the better. With this, it will get your room cooler in an instant together with a sound airflow system.

Function modes

Aside from high-performing air conditioning units, it would be best to consider the function modes that it can offer. Why? Because as we see it, you can view an appliance worthy enough of the price if it can provide you with lots of things. It’s like the manufacturer’s way of doing the extra mile for you.

The basic functional air conditioning unit can give you the ability to change air fan speed as you needed. You can also check for a unit that can offer different control types like a remote control for ease of access. Others are far more advanced because they can be controlled via wifi, thru voice command, or by the use of a mobile application.

On top of that, others can work in different seasons. Some air conditioning units can be used during hot and cold weather seasons. In this sense, you don’t have to buy an additional appliance to heat the entire unit. Also, you may want to consider an air conditioning unit that acts as a dehumidifier at the same time.


If your RV seems to need extra help in cooling up the entire unit, then don’t have any second thought and consider buying a quality RV air conditioning unit. This is not an extra expense, but this is an investment! Invest in making your well-being in a positive state just by having an excellent place to stay in. We know that some would say what the connection is on this one. But you have to admit, a relaxed and cozy area keeps your mind positive and productive.

We hope that this article has helped you decide how you will avail your new RV air conditioning unit. Enjoy the calm and relaxing ambiance inside your pad.

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