Egypt, doctors’ engagement in Corona ward

corona in Egypt

In Egypt, Dr. Misbah and Dr. Mohammed Faheme got engaged while on duty in Corona Ward.

According to foreign media reports, two young doctors in Dar es Salaam Hospital in Mansoura, Egypt, fell in love while on duty in the Corona Ward and held a short engagement ceremony at the hospital following social distance orders.

Dr. Jodi invited photographer Mohammad Saleem for an interesting entertaining photo shoot at the event, which went viral on social media.

It is rumored on some social media sites that Mohammad Faheme was a corona patient and the two fell in love during treatment. Misbah has denied all such allegations on her Facebook page.

In the viral pictures of Dr. Misbah and Dr. Fahema on social media, it can be seen that Dr. Misbah is wearing a protective suit against Corona while Dr. Faheme is posing as a patient.

Dr. Misbah’s Facebook post suggests that he did not expect a positive response to the photos from around the world.

Misbah thanked his friends, loved ones, and family for their kindness and good wishes through his post.

It may be recalled that a similar situation had taken place earlier in London where a doctor and a nurse got married in the hospital due to the coronavirus.

Jane Tipping, a 34-year-old nurse, and Dr. Analan Navaratnam, 30, were married in London, where their guests and witnesses attended the wedding live via live stream.

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