Corona: Increased marriages on the Internet in China

marriages in china

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to an increase in online marriages in China.

Wedding ceremonies are held on a large scale all over the world, but many people can be protected from the virus in this age of the Coronavirus epidemic.

Maybe that’s why China, the birthplace of the coronavirus, is at the forefront of promoting this new sand of internet marriages.

Couples who had already formed in the skies had to stay away from their formal bond on earth for some time due to the spread of the coronavirus.

The Chinese have also found a solution to this problem, now online marriage can be easily done through the internet.

Restrictions on specific venues for wedding ceremonies due to social distance are also a major reason for this new situation.

People who have booked special venues and halls for events are benefiting the most from this method.

The credit for popularizing this unique method of marriage also goes to an online teacher in China, who wanted to invite friends and relatives to his wedding.

He used live streaming to pray for his family as well as strangers.

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