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Check out these new age products to treat insomnia.

new age products to treat insomnia

Ask anyone, and you’ll know that there’s not a single person in this day and age who doesn’t struggle with falling asleep. A fitful night’s sleep is becoming a distant dream for many people, but it shouldn’t be that way. However, sleeping well isn’t something that can be achieved in a day. There is a need to make a conscious effort and will ourselves into sleeping better. Thankfully, there are some interesting products in the market today, which have been specially designed to assist people in sleeping better such as heat regulators, mattress foundation, and more. We’ll talk about some such products on this list. So keep on reading.

1. Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets are the new “it” product with celebrities and the public enjoying it alike. Weighted blankets have metal chains stitched along the blanket fibers. This characteristic lends a heavy feeling which induces comfort and relaxation. Several studies and reviews have shown that weighted blankets have improved insomnia and nighttime anxiety in users. They’re an excellent bedtime accessory in general as well and can be used in all seasons.

2. Temperature regulators

Temperature is an important factor that determines how well we sleep. Usually, our body temperature tends to fall over the night, but several people tend to sleep hot. People awaken several times at night because of heat or cold can surely benefit from a temperature regulator. They work by gently cooling or heating your pillow, and adjusting the temperature throughout the night. They are accompanied by mobile apps that will allow you to customize the settings. However, a con is that it does fall on the costlier side. But regardless, it is most definitely a great gadget to have in your inventory.

3. Mattress protectors

As already stated, temperature differences affect sleep to a great extent. Several people tend to sleep hot, which can cause them to sweat excessively. That can make sleeping peacefully a tough task. Mattress protectors can be a help here, as they help keep the mattress and sheets fresh and crisp.

Furthermore, they act as a barrier against mites, bacteria, particles, and more that accumulate on our mattress over time. Several sleep doctors say that no one should sleep without a mattress protector. If you’re on the hunt for a good night’s sleep, get your mattress protector now. You can get started with a look at this nectar mattress protector.

4. Weighted sleep mask

If excess light is a problem for you, then a weighted sleep mask may just be the solution. These sleep masks have similar weighted down technology like weighted blankets, and they mold to your eyes so that no light can filter in. It’s reviewed as a great product for not just insomnia but eye strain, migraines, and more. They’re also equipped with cooling technology and made of soft fabrics so that they don’t have a disturbing effect on your eyes. They also come in various styles and designs, so that there are alternatives for people with different disorders. Some sleep masks also have scents meant for aromatherapy and noise-canceling mufflers to block out noise.

5. Mattress foundations

We all know about mattress foundations. These are basically the bed frame that holds your mattress. Now, you may ask yourself that this isn’t a new product, and yes, it’s not. But the innovation that this product has undergone is revolutionary. New age foundations, like this queen size platform bed, are lightweight and yet sturdy. They ensure durability but at the same time, are convenient to move as per your whim. Best of all, they’re constructed to give your body all-round support. Changing your bed foundation is a sure shot way to getting a good night’s rest.

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