Car spares you need to Protect before Scrapping Your Car

Protect before Scrapping Your Car

When your car has served its purpose and can no longer be used, it is best to send it to a wrecking yard. But do you know that some car parts need to be removed before it gets wrecked? Car parts can be recycled and used again in some other car of the same make. This means that you can make money even if your car is dead. Yes, this is true and you need a checklist of car components that can earn you some handsome amount. Read on to know the car spares you need to protect before handing your car over to a wrecker.


Among all the car parts that get recycled before a car is salvaged, the battery has the highest rate of recovery. Batteries are multipurpose and can be switched in almost every car. Moreover, the selling prices of a Secondhand Car battery are as high as they can be. Thus, recycling a car battery is the first thing you should do when you plan a car dismantling. Along with the battery, connected cables and electrodes also need to be removed so that a set can be arranged. So, it is wise that you call a car mechanic for this job.

Cushions and Seats

If you have called a mechanic for battery removal, make sure he gets the car cushions and seats removed as well. Used Car Parts in NZ include seats and seat covers also. Seats that are custom-tailored by you at the time of the car’s augmentation process can be sold at handsome quotes. Hence, all you need to do is to have a closer look and take out all the things that have a leather cover on them. Since your car is straightly scrapped and dismantled when it hits the junkyard, it is important that you extract all your valuables from it.

Mercury Switches

Mercury switches are small switch parts that open and close the electrical assembly in a car with the help of mercury-filled in them. The latest government regulatory guidelines state that all the mercury switches need to be removed from the car before it undergoes the shredding procedure. Mercury is a harmful liquid metal and can cause detrimental effects when mixed with any other fluid including water. So, make sure you remove all the mercury switches before you enter a wrecking yard since it is your responsibility to handover a ready-to-wreck car.

Car recycling is a noble cause and it can also be lucrative sometimes, all you need to be aware of is the procedure to follow and the local authority’s rules to abide by. Failing this, your noble cause can be a headache without any reason.

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