Brisbane To Cairns Road Trip – Check Out Striking Places On The Way

Brisbane To Cairns Road Trip

The Australian state of Queensland is popular for housing countless phenomenal tourist attractions, which remain crowded with local, national and international tourists throughout the year. Queensland is a kind of state which is home to both vibrant and dazzling cities like Brisbane as well as calm and yet mesmerizing tourist places like Cairns.

Though campervan road trips are famous across Australia, but when you talk about Queensland, the kind of experience that you get from traveling is beyond words. Road trips anywhere in Queensland allow you to explore incredible beachside suburbs, coastal towns, villages, and cities etc. In addition to that, you will also find a number of peaceful places surrounded by stunning forest which enhances your holidaying experience in a big way. And if you’re keen on hunting you can get plenty of hunting experience in Brisbane. Just make sure you select approved hunting sites, get proper gears and equipment. There are also easy to build AR-10 guns available at a single click.

Brisbane, which is one of the most popular cities in Queensland and its capital, is a really great place to start your road trip. You can hire a camper from Aussie Campervans which we hired in last summer holidays and choose any city or place as your final destination when it comes to going for a road trip. For example, you can go on a road trip from Brisbane to Cairns. However, before eventually hitting the roads, it’s important to plan the entire trip effectively, pack all your clothes, edibles, and traveling accessories, plan your route, and book your hotels and campsites etc. You cannot just start hitting the roads, without planning all these things effectively.

Here’s how you should travel from Brisbane to Cairns and what you should explore on your way.

Start Your Journey From Brisbane & Take Break At Noosa

If you are planning to travel via Sunshine Coast, you will get an opportunity to explore a wide range of attractions such as beaches, beach resorts, and million dollar views of the road that lies ahead. While traveling from Brisbane via Sunshine Coast, you can choose to break your journey at Noosa, a striking town, which is approximately 136 kilometers from Queensland’s capital.

It will take nearly 2 hours to travel from Brisbane to Noosa, and you will love the journey like anything. When it comes to self-drive road trips, it’s always better to take a break in every two to three hours, otherwise, you feel too tired and exhausted. And, yes, you should never drive when you are too exhausted because that can create a whole lot of problems for you. Therefore, Noosa is a great option for you when it comes to taking your hands off from the steering wheel for some time in order to take rest. If you love visiting national parks, then you can easily explore Noosa National Park and explore animals like koalas, common ringtail possum, humpback whale, short-nosed bandicoots, rufous fantail, glossy black cockatoo, and satin bowerbird etc.

Apart from traveling to Noosa National Park, you can also explore Sunshine Beach, Lake MacDonald, and Big Pineapple etc.

Travel From Noosa To Fraser Island Via Bruce Highway

Noosa is an amazing place and you can take as much time as you want to discover the plenty of attractions that it offers. However, once you are done with that, you can take

Bruce Highway in order to travel towards Hervey Bay, from where you can easily reach Fraser Island.

The distance between Noosa and Fraser Island is approximately 250 kilometers, which can be covered by you in nearly five and a half hours. But driving constantly for 5 hours is not at all intelligent, hence it’s better to take the next break at Hervey Bay. If you talk about the distance between Noosa and Hervey Bay, it’s just 184 kilometers which can be traveled by you in only two and a half hours, so it’s manageable.

Once you reach Hervey Bay, which is a coastal city, you can explore places such as Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum, and other important places. After exploring everything that Hervey Bay has to offer, you can go to places like Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island – if you have sufficient time. After exploring Fraser Island, you have to come back to Hervey Bay in order to continue with your road trip.

Travel From Hervey Bay To Yeppoon

You can continue your journey from Hervey Bay in order to travel towards Yeppoon which is approximately 442 kilometers via Bruce Highway. You do not have to drive from Hervey Bay to Yeppoon continuously. That means it’s better to take short breaks in between while driving from Hervey Bay To Yeppoon. You can think of taking rest at Bundaberg which is only 109 kilometers from Hervey Bay, so you can cover this distance in only one and a half hour. After exploring Bundaberg, which is famous for ‘Bundaberg Rum’ you can continue towards Yeppoon. It is nearly 330 kilometers from Bundaberg that means you can reach there within 4 hours. Yeppoon has tremendous places to offer so you can take your time to explore them.

You can explore the beaches of Yeppoon and a number of beautiful islands near it.

You Next Shop Should Be Airlie Beach

Now you should continue your journey towards Airlie Beach, which is nearly a six hours drive from Yeppoon. However, as I have already mentioned that you should not be traveling continuously for long hours, you must take breaks in between. So, try to take small breaks in the coastal towns which you come across on the way. Probably you can stop at Mackay, which is known worldwide as the sugar capital of Australia. After exploring Mackay, you can continue your journey towards Airlie Beach.

The distance between Mackay and Airlie Beach is just 149 kilometers, hence you can easily reach there in just one and a half hour. Once you reach Airlie Beach you should try to discover all the beautiful attractions that offers.

Travel To Mission Beach

After exploring Airlie Beach you should continue your journey and consider Mission Beach as your next big stop. However, the distance between Airlie Beach and Mission Beach is nearly 508 kilometers, so you should take short breaks on the way. Again you can select any of the beach towns to take a break and then continue with your journey. Once you reach mission beach, you should try to explore every nook and cranny of this town because it’s tremendously beautiful.

Travel To Cairns – Your Final Destination

From Mission Beach Cairns is only 140 kilometers, so you can start your journey and drive slowly so that you can explore everything that you find interesting on the way. Once you reach Cairns, you will find multiple destinations to explore, and you can easily discover them one by one.

You can go to the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest, Palm Coves, Fitzroy Island, Kuranda Scenic Railway and Paronella Park etc.

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