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Beware! These Factors Can Destroy Your Hardwood Floors!

Destroy Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors in any home can be magical. They look exquisite and present an aura of class and sophistication in your home. No matter if it is solid hardwood like Oak, Teak, Bamboo, or it is an artificial laminate that’s much less expensive compared to them. No other flooring can beat their exclusive finishing and superior looks in any part of your home. But like anything beautiful, even they are susceptible to damage!

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Common hazards that can damage your hardwood floor easily!

Hardwood and laminate flooring in Auckland from Plantation Bamboo are of exclusive quality and looks ravishingly suitable in any kind of home. But you’ll have to ensure that the following mentioned factors don’t impact it negatively to retain its beauty for longer.

o   Water and moisture — Water is the biggest enemy of the hardwood floor. Solid wood is more prone to damage even through a slightest exposure to water and moisture. While laminates are tougher. But even they get damaged and start stinking and lose their shine if they are exposed to lots of moisture for long. So, in order to save the beauty of your hardwood, keep water and moisture at bay.

o   Sharp scratch and tear — By scratch and tear we just don’t mean your pet’s attack and kid’s tantrums, but the sharp items that you use around the house also gets included in it. For example, using a sharp-edged knife or tool to clear the grime stuck on your hardwood floor is a big No! These easily create ugly lines on your hardwood floor and hence damage its long-lasting lustre and beauty.

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o   Extreme sunlight — Sunlight during summer especially is very harsh and destroys your hardwood floor easily. The Ultraviolet rays bleach their colour and they appear to be stained and spotted due to it.

o   Accidental spills — The accidental spills on your hardwood are also a grave danger. These may be food items or red wine, etc.

These have the potential to create a spot or stain that can’t be cleaned easily and has the power to make your beautiful hardwood floor turn ugly. So, always clean your floor with floor cleaner after accidentally spilling something. Visit bestvacuumcleaners.org/floor-mops/ to buy a mop for cleaning the vacuum instantly.

o   Extreme foot traffic — Though solid and even laminated hardwood floor can be really tough and not easily damaged by foot traffic, but there are some variants which do get spoiled easily due to it. These snatch away the shine off the floor to suddenly make the shade, texture and pattern appear blurred.

o   Furniture wear — Heavy furniture or the one with sharp base can be a real danger to your hardwood. If you keep them in the same place for long, they are sure to damage that particular area. Additionally, even moving them without proper protection and padding is enough to scratch and damage your hardwood floor.

o   Ice and humidity— We talked about summer, but even winter can be damageable for your hardwood. The ice coming from outside along with salt and dust is enough to create a lot of moisture and humidity in the house which can easily attack the beauty and life of your hardwood flooring.

As an owner of the best and magnificent looking floors, you have to be very sharp and careful on keeping its grace intact. And to do so, always keep your floor protected from the above dangers!

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