Automatic Car Washes: Are they really efficient?

Automatic Car Washes

Over the last couple of years, automatic car washes have always gained popularity because they are time-saving and hassle-free. But, do you know that despite their conveniences, automatic car washes do tend to be more harmful than good? Well, we are about to find out about the same in detail.

In this article guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the significant drawbacks that you need to know about automatic car washes – with the help of car wash in Nerang services.

Top Drawbacks Of Using Automatic Car Washes

  • Water That Is Being Used Is Recycled

There’s no denying that automatic car washes are always environment friendly and economical when using water. The system always purifies the used water from the earlier wash and then uses the same to wash the next car.

But, it should be remembered that these systems are not 100 percent efficient, which results in dirt and girt scratching the surface of your vehicle, as it is being washed.

  • Use Of Hash Cleaning Agents

Every business would like to maximize their profits, which results in the usage of cheap cleaning agents. These cheap, harsh cleaning agents – even though make your car clean & tidy – they gradually erode the overall shine of your car’s exterior paint and also the protective wax.

Furthermore, automatic car washes are not at all contact-less and the use of rotating brushes which rub against your car to remove dirt and grime actually scratches your car’s surface. As a result, over time, these scratches make your car look dull.

  • Doesn’t Remove All Dirt

Since the process of automatic car washes is contactless, such a procedure also hinders the capability to clean the vehicle fully. As the job is performed by a machine, most of the trouble spots are not at all identified and therefore not given the deserved attention they require.

Over time, this accumulated dirt will continue to get ignored and thus destroy the overall look of your vehicle.

  • The Technique Of Drying

In an automatic car washing system, after the wash is done, the machine releases heated air that dries off the water from the exterior surface of the car. But, such a process is entirely not enough because the method is not at all efficient.

Water spots tend to get created which destroys the overall look of the vehicle. As a result, you’ll need to use spray cleaners to polish up the car and keep it spot-free in the long-run – which is another cost itself that you need to take care of.

At the end of the day, there’s no better alternative than opting for a car hand wash because it’s the most cost-effective yet efficient method you can opt for.

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