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7 Ways to Decorate With a Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Rug

Rugs can be a great way to transform any room. There are plenty of types and styles of rugs that you can use but one that you can be sure will give your room a unique feel is a Moroccan rug.

No two Moroccan rugs are the same but they all bring the same quality of geometric beauty to your home. As sought after as they are, they tend to be a challenge in the design side of things.

If you have your eye on a beautiful Moroccan rug and you need a little inspiration on how to decorate with it, read about these seven ways you can:

1. At the Foot of the Bed

Your bed should be the throne of your bedroom. Nothing showcases your sleigh of slumber like a thick Azilal rug.

The unpretentious designs and colors in these rugs will match just about any bedspread and furniture style. The last thing you want in your bedroom is a loud rug that draws your eye.

As one of the softer versions of Moroccan rugs, this plush, geometric-style rug will feel great on your bare feet when you wake up in the morning.

The softer colors and lack of harsh lines will allow you to relax fully, snuggled up in your bed.

2. To Greet the Visitors

You may want to choose a more durable type of Moroccan rug to use at your entrance.

If you want to greet your visitors with a big hello, place a vibrant Kilim rug. This Moroccan rug is a mixture of bright colors in various diamond shapes.

If you need a rug that is more functional and can catch some of the incoming dirt, try your hand with a flat weave rug with a sturdier texture.

Make sure you can open and close your door without being hindered by the rug before settling on your entrance rug of choice.

3. As a Wall Hanging

Every Moroccan rug is handwoven by the people of various tribes in the country. The women labor for hours to knot together various colors of wool and other textiles to create a piece of art that becomes a part of your home.

Many of these are too beautiful not to display on the wall, instead of putting them under your feet.

Smaller rugs can be hung on the wall above the sofa, while bigger pieces can be hung on a statement wall.

4. Add Texture to Your Hall

A thinner Moroccan runner would be ideal as a way to cushion your hallway.

You can use one long runner to make a short hall look longer, or add several shorter rugs to a long hallway to make it seem shorter.

If you do go with multiple Moroccan rugs, they don’t all have to be exactly the same, but they should at least contain the same color family.

5. Under the Coffee Table

The most popular area in the house to place a rug is under the coffee table. It only makes sense that a Moroccan rug can work well in this area as well.

Any style and size would do well. It all depends on the style and size of your living room.

For some, they prefer a rug that extends far beyond just the coffee, including the sofa and loveseat. These rugs are more of a room-size rug than a coffee table rug.

Moroccan rugs can really transform the atmosphere in the living room. A large rug with deep colors can bring warmth to an otherwise bland room. A bright and cheerful variety of rugs can add a touch of playfulness to your room.

Your first decision is what size rug would work best for your living room. Learn more about that here.

6. Bring Color to Any Room

Each tribe of the Moroccan plains has its own favorite color palette to use in its rugs. These colors were mostly determined by the natural resources available to them as a form of the dye.

For example, henna, flowers, and berries can all be used to dye wool. Berber rugs are traditionally made in deep vibrant colors, while other styles have a more muted color scheme.

If you want to add color to a room, however, there are a plethora of Moroccan rugs that you can buy that will do just that.

Many of the Moroccan rugs that you buy from an American store will be faded and chemically produced.

However, if you purchase a Moroccan rug straight from the market, you won’t be disappointed with the sheer beauty in the color artistry.

7. Keep Things Minimal

Moroccan rugs work very well in Scandinavian style homes. The more natural colored wool rugs with simple geometric designs work perfectly in the minimalistic design style.

It can be difficult to make a rug work where minimalism is in the theme but not with a Moroccan rug. They look right at home.


Whatever your style, there’s a Moroccan rug to match it. As these seven styling tips show, Moroccan rugs are versatile and adapt to just about any need and room in the house.

Handwoven from the indigenous people of Morocco, these rugs will certainly become an appreciated part of the comfort of your home.

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