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6 Inexpensive Ways to Revitalize Your Bathroom


Bathroom renovation tends to be one of the more popular kinds of home improvement. You could be renovating your bathroom because you just want to update it. Or you may think giving it a complete makeover may raise the price during a sale. However, you’ll never be able to recoup the full cost of your bathroom renovation.

A medium range renovation, costing about $20,000, could recoup approximately 67 percent of that amount. A costly renovation with a price tag upwards of $60,000 can expect to recoup only 60 percent of the price. This could represent a loss of thousands of dollars.

Home improvement projects don’t have to break the bank to spruce up your house. You can implement great changes without buying expensive equipment, like ceramic tile spacers or need great effort, like ripping out your pipes.

Below are six cost-effective ways that can dramatically improve your bathroom.

Change the Lighting

This improvement doesn’t mean simply replacing your bathroom’s old lightbulbs. See if you can improve existing light fixtures or if there’s room to add new ones. Think about adding new lamps or similar appliances, but you can take things a little further without raising costs.

For example, you may consider changing your bathroom lights form harsh fluorescent to something more flattering, like diffused bulbs. Or you can install new lighting around your bathroom mirror for a dramatic appeal. Finally, consider recessed lighting strips, which are less obtrusive and more elegant.

Upgrade the Fixtures

No bathroom is complete without the perfect plumbing. Check your faucets and shower fixtures for corrosion or signs of heavy damage and replace as necessary. Consider the types of upgrades you can install. For toilets, you may consider low-flow toilets to increase your bathroom’s eco-friendliness.

A new shower hub with adjustable nozzles can be very soothing when you’re taking a bath. Or you can install a tankless water heater, which is more water and energy efficient than its standard counterpart.

Upsize Your Drains

Most drainage pipes in residential properties are often between 1 ¼ and 1 ½ inches in diameter. This relatively narrow pipe size makes it easy for hair and other debris to clog up your bathroom. If you have a large family or live in a shared residence, your pipes can frequently clog from build-up. You can improve your bathroom’s drainage capability by using 2-inch pipes instead. Their larger diameter makes it harder for blockages to form, preventing flooding.

Alter the Color Scheme

Sometimes all your bathroom needs is a fresh coat of paint. Although pristine whites and creams are standard bathroom fare, you can take the opportunity to explore more dynamic color schemes. For example, a bathroom painted in shades of teal with gold accents can highlight sophistication and elegance.

If you want something more soothing, pastel hues, like mint green and pale shades of pink, are perfect for emulating a sort of ’50s nostalgia. When changing up the color scheme of your bathroom, don’t forget to consider the accents as they offer a chance to showcase complimentary colors in dramatic fashion.

Install New Storage

Every homeowner loves extra storage space and your bathroom can always use a new place to pack your things. Vertical shelving is very stylish and freeform, letting you store a variety of objects without worrying about their dimensions too much. Cabinets and closets built into walls can be a little pricey, but their added convenience and reduce footprint makes them a good investment. Or you could buy stackable plastic bins and shelves and use them as modular and waterproof storage. For a more bohemian approach, try suspending cascading nets from ceiling hooks where you can store shampoos or towels.

Introduce Greenery

Your bathroom can use a little sprucing up with some plant life. Flora doesn’t need intensive maintenance to remain beautiful and lush. Succulent plants don’t need as much direct sunlight or water as other plants and you can cultivate them easily indoors. A few succulents in artful ceramic pots can liven up your toilet’s water tank and brighten up your sinks.

Another popular choice for bathroom plant life are cactuses. These spiny plants are perfect for small open terrariums you can prominently display along bathroom countertops or on window ledges. Just be careful to place them out of reach of young children or in places where people can mistakenly grab them.

Your bathroom is one of the focal points of your home and it’s only natural that you’d want to improve it. However, you don’t need to pay through the nose or break out a sledgehammer to spruce it up. Sometimes, simple and cost-effective methods are all you need to make your bathroom a rejuvenating space.

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