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6 Ideas for Making a New Rental House Feel Like Home

New Rental House Feel Like Home

Renting is becoming more common among young adults, mostly nowadays, especially those living in town centers. Although one may not own that particular house they live in, they will always want to make it feel like their own space. Luckily, we’ve outlined some helpful tips that you can use to elevate your rental house and make it feel like your home.

1. Add Loads of Plants or Flowers

Plants and flowers not only make your house look good, they also help clean up the air circulating in your house and get rid of toxins. Nature has a natural sense of hygiene, which we can cultivate in our own homes by including greenery and fresh blooms. Don’t worry if you don’t have the green thumb to take on a Ficus or an orchid; there are several plants out there that do not require high maintenance, such as snake plants, dracaena plants, or rubber trees.

2. Lighting

Even the best-styled room will not look beautiful if the lighting is inadequate. As a renter, you should not rely on the ceiling lights; instead, use floor lamps, table lamps for the living room, and dimmer lights for your bedroom. Additionally, keeping the lamps in the corners of the room will help minimize disruption from one room to the next. Scented candles too add some extra warmth and coziness to your house.

3. Accessorize

Sometimes all your house needs are some small touches to make it look beautiful and allow you to express your personal taste. Decorative vases, books, soft furnishings like rugs and cushions are some great ideas to make a room feel cozy. Throw blankets also help make a room look more inviting and are also great for taking naps and relaxing.

4. Invest in Quality Furniture

Despite the fact that you can’t own the house, you can own everything in it. For this reason, you should invest in good quality furniture that will make you feel contented. Also, rented houses often lack enough storage, and too many items can make the room feel cluttered. To avoid this, buy furniture that has in-built storage to provide space to stow away items that don’t have a place in the house and make a room cozy.

5. Hang Art

Using a piece of art can help you create a rhythm between the art and your furniture, with the art generating a type of movement that tells a tale. Besides getting a big boost of pleasure from looking at a piece of art that we consider beautiful, art also helps individuals express their personality and interests. The more you surround yourself with items that make you feel contended, the more you’ll experience that feeling of home.

6. Decorate Your Existing Furniture

Sometimes your existing furniture could use some minor redecoration or repainting. This will give the property a fresh feel without the need to buy new furniture. Make sure that when you’re relocating or decorating existing furniture, you don’t harm or affect the property.

A home or apartment should be more than just a haven to unwind after a long day. Simple design elements may capture sentiments of warmth and transmit them to you every time you enter your house. Choose to surround yourself with the things that, above all else, make you feel good, whether you’re in a dorm, a rental, or still settling into a recently purchased house.

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