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6 Benefits of Having Screens on Your Windows

6 Benefits of Having Screens on Your Windows

The benefits of having screens on your windows are endless. Not only do they provide a more aesthetically pleasing home, but they also help to keep your house cooler and more energy efficient.

1. Providing Privacy

Having screens on your windows provides you with a way to block the view into your home and provide privacy. Depending on how often you want to use this feature, will depend on the type of window screen that you purchase. For instance, if you only plan on using screens when needed, then panels or roll-down shutters might be ideal for you because they can be closed so easily. If however, these are not an option for your house, the retractable variety is also very easy to use and provides more coverage than panel so they may work better for curtaining off your windows.

2. Keep Your Windows Cooler in the Summer

When we think about ways to cool our homes during summertime it’s usually by opening the windows and hoping for the best. If you’re not lucky enough to have trees next to your house, then this might be more of a challenge than an actual cooling solution. Having window screens allows you to keep your windows open during these hot summer months without having to worry about flies or other insects entering the home.

3. Enjoy Fresh Air All Year Round

Who doesn’t enjoy opening a window and letting in a nice breeze? By ensuring that all screens fit well on your windows, you can ensure that they will provide airflow through your home year-round. This is even easier if they are motorized because then, there’s no work required from you at all. Just sit back and enjoy the breeze until it gets too cold outside.

4. Keep Those Pesky Insects Out of Your Home

Goodbye to those pesky flies buzzing around your head all summer long, and goodbye to bees swarming the front door. Having screens on your windows will ensure that you have fresh air without all of the extra creatures that come along with it. This is especially true if you’ve noticed wasp nests near doors or other areas where they enter the home. Just cover up those entryways by installing screens on them to keep them outside where they belong.

5. Prevent Pets from Escaping

This is probably an obvious one, but having screens on your windows can help to prevent pets from escaping through open windows. Whether this is a cat trying desperately to get back inside or a dog trying to explore the neighborhood, screens can help prevent these accidents from happening.

6. Kids Can’t Escape

Just like with pets, having screens on your windows will also prevent children from escaping through open windows. This is usually more of an issue than pet escape attempts because kids are just curious and want to explore everything that they come across including their backyard or front yard. By installing window screens you can ensure that this doesn’t happen and everyone stays safe.

The benefits of having window screens on your windows are plentiful. Not only does it provide a more aesthetically pleasing home, but it also helps to keep your home cooler and more energy efficient. These are just a few of the many reasons why installing window screens is such a fantastic idea.

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