5 Common Misconceptions on the WWE


The WWE is one of the largest sports entertainment companies in the world. It’s also one of the most misunderstood organizations too, which is understandable considering what they do. The company does a lot to promote itself and its performers on TV, but just like any other business, it has some misconceptions that people have about it.

1. The WWE’s TV is scripted

Most people would assume that wrestling was totally fake, but it’s not. They don’t call it “sport” entertainment for nothing. However, the matches themselves are planned out ahead of time by scripts. So yes, they do plan out the matches, but everything else is up in the air. Unlike some other sports where players can plan out plays hours or even days beforehand, wrestlers may only know 30 seconds to a minute before they’re about to go on what they’re going to be doing.

2. The WWE only wants faces.

This is a common complaint by many wrestlers who find themselves being stuck in the role of a heel. They believe that they have a better chance at being popular if they were a face rather than a heel. In fact, most wrestlers want an off-the-heel hook because it’s easier to get over with fans as champion when you’re a face. The WWE doesn’t care about whether or not you’re face or heel; what matters is whether or not they think you can be more popular as one rather than the other (or that there isn’t already someone more popular playing your position).

3. The WWE hates independent wrestlers.

This is one of the most popular claims by indy wrestlers. The fact of the matter is that the WWE has hired several wrestlers with extensive independent time under their belt, but they just aren’t active on the indies anymore. CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Adam Cole, and Sami Zayn are all great examples of this. No matter how good you are though there’s no way for an independent wrestler to join the WWE without having some sort of connection. This doesn’t mean that everyone who joins the WWE has a family member in it or was trained by a former star, but it’s still something that could help your chances if you’re out there trying to get in yourself.

4. All the superstars are friends with each other backstage.

Backstage is one of those places where it’s easy to assume that everyone gets along all the time, but this isn’t how it always works. There are groups on almost every WWE show, and it’s rare for these groups not to have some sort of friction between their members. Some of them are quite well known like The Shield or Bullet Club (although most people don’t know about their internal conflict); others aren’t as well known outside of the internet wrestling community.

5. The WWE doesn’t want women wrestling.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about the WWE, and it’s also not true. The WWE has been hiring female talent since they were called “WWF” (you can even trace it back to their “Fabulous Moolah” era). However, there was a long period where women weren’t allowed to be wrestlers but this wasn’t for any sexist reasons like many people believe. There just simply wouldn’t be enough talented women to fulfill televised matches (although that’s very untrue now). This didn’t mean that the company hated women or that they only wanted them as eye candy either, they just weren’t able to find enough who could wrestle well enough if given a full-time contract.

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