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5 Advantages of Having a Cool Roof on Your House

Cool Roof

Now that people want to add more energy-friendly options to their homes, the popularity of cool roofs is gaining. A cool roof is a roof that is reflected and is lighter in color. This helps to reduce the energy consumption in the home, especially during those hot summer months. A lighter roof helps to reflect the sun’s rays. This method was originally used by the Greeks.

1- Energy Savings

Having a cool roof will reduce the amount of energy your household consumes. They do not absorb much heat from the sun, which will help to keep your home cooler. One example of how using a cool roof saves energy is that it keeps the house cooler which doesn’t require as much air conditioning usage.. This will be a great assist in saving money on your monthly energy bill.

2– Helps The Environment

When you use your air conditioning less, your energy consumption goes down, which will help the environment. It is said that many carbon emissions come from energy consumption, so simply putting on a cool roof will help you help the environment.

3- Reduces The Urban Heat Effect

If you live in an urban area, getting a cool roof installed can help to curb the urban heat effect. This works best when you and your neighbors all install cool roofs. This helps to reduce the air temperature in your area, further reducing energy costs.

4– Extends Your Roof’s Life

When heat constantly builds on your roof, it can stress out the material that it is made out of. This can drastically deteriorate the more it is exposed to the heat. A cool roof will be cooler and help to minimize wear and tear on the building.

5- Increases Your Home’s Value

Installing a cool roof will greatly increase your home’s value. Potential buyers will see that you care about the home’s energy usage and that their utility bills will be down as a result. Cool roofs often complement a home’s exterior. The lighter color allows a homeowner to have a unique-looking home that will match with a wide variety of siding and paint. If you are thinking about selling your home in the future, you will want to definitely consider adding a cool roof.

If you are interested in getting a cool roof, you will want to find a contractor in your area that installs these types of roofs. These lighter-colored roofs are installed the same way as any other roof. To find a roofer in you are area, you can ask for recommendations from friends and family, and you can look online. When you find a contractor, make sure that you look at their past work to get a feel for what your cool roof will look like. Talk with them about things like pricing and how long it will be to install the roof. Once you have found a roofing contractor you are happy with, you can hire them and enjoy your cool roof.

Your cool roof will give you many benefits, including saving money on your utility bill. If you live in an area where the summers are sweltering, you will definitely want to consider getting a cool roof.

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