4628549 corona patients, 308645 deaths in the world

corona patients

The number of people infected with the coronavirus worldwide

has risen to 4,628,549, bringing the death toll to 38,645.

Around the world, 2,561,865 coronavirus patients are still being treated in hospitals, of which 45,018 are in critical condition and 1,758,039 have recovered.

The United States is still the country most affected by the coronavirus, with not only corona cases but also the highest number of deaths from any country in the world.

Coronavirus has so far killed 88,507 people in the United States, bringing the total number of people infected with the virus to 1,484,285.

A total of 1,069,536 corona patients are being treated in the US hospitals, of which 16,139 are in critical condition, while 326,242 corona patients have been cured so far.

In Spain, 274,367 confirmed cases of corona have been reported so far, while the death toll from the epidemic has risen to 27,459.

The total number of deaths from the coronavirus in Russia has risen to 2,418, while the number of its patients has risen to 262,843.

The death toll from Corona in the UK has risen to 33,998, while the number of Corona cases has risen to 236,711.

The total death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in Italy has risen to 31,610, with a total of 223,885 cases of the virus reported so far.

In Brazil, the coronavirus has claimed 14,962 lives, while the number of its patients has reached 220,291.

The total number of deaths due to coronavirus in France was 27,529 while the number of corona cases was 179,506.

In Germany, the total number of deaths from Corona rose to 8,001, while the number of Corona cases rose to 175,699.

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