4 Collecting Tips for Finding New Challenge Coins

Challenge coins

A challenge coin is a uniquely designed small medallion or coin that bears an organization’s emblem. It is given to deserving members of an organization to confirm membership or honor a member for something extraordinary. Collecting challenge coins requires one to have a lot of grit and patience. Challenge coins are available in gold, brass, silver, and nickel metals. There are over ten thousand challenge coins in circulation. Most challenge coins are presented to lieutenant colonels and sergeant majors because they exist in large numbers. Challenge coins for officers in higher ranks are rare and expensive.

Invest wisely

Take time to build your new challenge coin collection. It is wise not to focus too much on challenging coins that are expensive or industrially rated as too valuable. Instead, build your challenge coin collection on the coins you like and suit your taste. Before purchasing any costly coin, make an informed decision that you can lose a lot in buying just a single coin. Excitement and impatience to add a new coin can drive you to make rushed decisions. Therefore, ensure you take time to gather all vital information before buying a coin. You can sell some of your coins to get more valuable challenge coins.

There are always challenge coins within your budget. As you build on your collection, you must set a limit on how much money you are willing to spend on your challenge coin collection. Financial discipline is vital in evaluating whether your hobby is worthwhile as challenge coin collecting does not guarantee that it will bring you joy in the long run.

Network with other collectors

Challenge coin collection is becoming one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. Different collectors focus on a variety of themes. To finds new challenge coins, find other collectors within your locality and make them your acquaintances. Through networking, you will be able to get people with the same interests as you, who can give you more tips and resources to expand your challenge coin collection. Most coin collectors will notify you if they find a new challenge coin you might be interested in.

Ensure you get genuine coins from reputable dealers. Aim at working with established and transparent dealers by checking their reputation from other collectors and the internet.

Aim for the US Presidential challenge coin

The president of the United States (POTUS) is a popular figure both in America and around the globe. The presidential challenge coins are among the rarest, expensive, and most respected compared to other challenge coins.

They are specially designed to honor a specific leader and given out by that particular president in minimal numbers. The president can also give a coin to any heroic and deserving civilian.

The deep-sea diver challenge coin

Owning a deep-sea diver challenge coin is prestigious, and only a few marine divers can possess them. The challenge coins are a mark of pride for marine divers who own them as they represent the individual who has accomplished a difficult task. They can also be earned by civilians who have done extraordinary deeds in the navy.

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