3663229 Corona patients in the world, 252748 deaths

Corona patients

The number of people infected with the coronavirus worldwide has reached 3,663,229 while deaths due to that disease have reached 2 lacs 52 thousand 748.

In worldwide 22 lakh 4 thousand 823 Coronavirus patients still under treatment in the hospitals, from which 49 thousand 650 are in serious condition while 12 lacs 5 thousand 658 patients have recovered.

The United States is a badly infected country from Corona Virus wherewith patients even deaths from this still higher in all the countries of the world.

Still, 69 thousand 925 people have been faced with deaths due to Coronavirus, while the total number of people suffer from this, reached 1.12 million 955.

In the hospitals of the United States, 9 lacs 54 thousand 962 Corona patients are being treated from which 16 thousand 50 are in an alarming situation while 1 lacs 88 thousand 68 Corona patients have been healed.

So far, 248,301 confirmed cases of corona have been reported in Spain even from this disease 25,428 have been deaths.

The total deaths toll from the coronavirus outbreak in Italy has risen to 29,079, a total of 211,938 cases of the virus have been reported so far.

The death toll from Corona in the UK has risen to 28,734 while the number of cases of Corona reached 190,584.

The total death toll from the coronavirus in France has risen to 25,201 while Corona cases became 169,462.

The total number of deaths from Corona in Germany is 6,993 while Corona cases became 1 lakh 66 thousand 152.

Due to Coronavirus the total number of deaths in Russia 1,451 while the number of its patients reached 1 lac 455 thousand 370.

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