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Dengue Coverage in Health Insurance Explained

Dengue Coverage in Health Insurance Explained

June is here and so is monsoon! A relief from the scorching summer heat. Monsoon is when the earth cools off, but as time progresses, it brings a whole new set of problems. Waterlogging is one such issue that results in an exponential rise in unhygienic water levels as well as vector-borne diseases.

With the rise in these ailments, dengue is seen to be one of the critical fevers caused at large since the 1950s. The last few decades have claimed countless lives around the globe.

With a critical danger to humans, how can you ensure you remain protected even in these times?

Opt for a dengue insurance policy! Dengue insurance is not an ordinary health cover. It has more extensive coverage when compared to standard health policy. It ensures you with your family remain safe and financially protected even in these hard times.

What are the common inclusions under dengue health insurance?

A dengue health cover is known to protect against any instance of dengue that might occur. With the exponential rise in medical treatment costs, not buying a health insurance policy is leaving your hard-earned savings exposed to uncertain medical emergencies.

A dengue health policy covers up to six family members. This way, you can ensure all of your family, including any dependents, are protected under the same health cover. Different amounts of coverage are available depending on your needs ranging from as low as ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 75,000.

Leading insurers offer a lifetime renewal option so you can enjoy continued coverage year after year. A cashless facility comes handy where you need not worry about paying those hefty hospitalization fees.

What are the eligibility criteria for availing a dengue health insurance cover?

While we all hope that no one should suffer from such a severe illness, you have the facility to avail of financial immunity just when you need it. Some insurers offer dengue insurance coverage from as low as zero-days to 65 years. The minimum entry age is 18 years, whereas the maximum entry age is 65 years. These limits are applicable for the policyholder, spouse, or dependent parents.

Waiting period for dengue coverage

Waiting periods are when you cannot file a claim with your insurer. Under dengue insurance cover, the waiting period is generally 15 days from the beginning of the policy. However, this period might differ for each insurer.

Free-look period under dengue cover

As applicable for other kinds of policies, dengue health also has a free look period. During this tenure, any policyholder can cancel their existing policy if it differs in its terms and conditions from what was originally agreed. A free look period is a mandatory option available to the buyer as prescribed by IRDAI.

Exclusions under a dengue health policy

  • Any diagnosis treatments available outside India is excluded under this type of health insurance policy. There are exceptions to the list of countries that may differ among each insurance company.
  • Most dengue insurance covers exclude the claims in case your hospitalization involves a period of fewer than 24 hours.

While a dengue cover may not be available across all insurance companies, most insurers offer some of the other plans that include coverage for dengue. They may be either marketed as vector-borne covers or dengue covers or any other name. When you select the right health policy, don’t forget to make use of a health insurance premium calculator to get maximum coverage at affordable costs.

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