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Cement Grout Vs Epoxy Grouting: Which One Should You Choose?

Cement Grout Vs Epoxy Grouting

Grout can be defined as a thick paste that has multiple applications in real-world usage. One of the common applications of grout is to use it for filling up cracks in-between tiles to make the tiles stay in place. It should be realised the tile-based grout is mostly made up of cement or concrete. Most homeowners around the world use cement-based grout both in residential and commercial sectors.

But, the real and hard truth is – cement-based grout is a not-so-good choice for your tile projects. Nowadays, there are many other better options out there in the market, out of which one is epoxy grouting. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be discussing the inherent drawbacks of cement-based grout and why you should be using epoxy grout instead.

The Drawbacks Of Cement-Based Grout

Even though you might argue that cement-based grout is extremely popular with tile-based projects, it’s not the best choice if you’re looking at it objectively. You should learn that cement-based grout is a thinner version of building or mortar cement. The density is lower because it allows the cement to flow better into the spaces in-between tiles and other cracks.

The above procedure might work well, but one of its major advantages can also be its biggest weakness – its porous nature. So, when it dries up, it leaves a lot of undetectable openings through its mixtures – otherwise known as ‘pores’ One of the major problems with these pores is that they allow outside elements along with dirt to enter the grout mixture and thereby get embedded as well.

Such a process leads to the formation of mildew and mould. Ultimately, the grout mixture gets stained over time. Moreover, cement-based grout is also not waterproof. This is the reason why a sealing procedure is required for cement-based grout.

Why Epoxy Grout Is A Better Choice?

When it comes to epoxy grouting, it’s a much more superior choice than cement-based grout. You can proceed to use epoxy grout like any other traditional grout products, without any issues. What’s more crucial is that – epoxy grout is much more strong & durable. The material is highly resistant to staining, chemicals and doesn’t crack under pressure. Moreover, it can easily bear any type of harsh weather conditions such as summer or winter. This makes epoxy grouting one of the most efficient ways to perform the tiling procedure.

Epoxy grouting has enough strength to be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions. It should be realized that epoxy grouting can be a bit more expensive than cement-based grout products, but at the end of the day, you’d be happy to spend that extra cash since you’re getting a better product.

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