A guide to choosing the right TV Stand

right TV Stand

For many families, the TV Stand houses all of the essential items in the living room or family room of the home. Families often gather in front of the TV for movie night or to watch their favourite programs together on a regular basis.

Selecting the right TV Stand will ensure that your TV viewing experience is comfortable and that you also have adequate storage for all your TV room accessories. Here are a few tips to ensure that you select the right TV Stand for you and your home.

What are TV Stands?

TV Stand are the large pieces of furniture that are used to hold the TV and related accessories. TV units may include Stand, drawers and shelves for the TV signal box, gaming accessories and other items that are important.

TV Stand come in varying sizes and are made from a variety of materials in order to match any décor scheme. TV Stands are generally very large in size and aren’t really recommended for small rooms as the size may take over the space.

Flat screen TVs

These days, TV Stand designs have been adjusted in order to allow you to mount your TV. If you prefer to still have a TV Stand that encases the TV, opt for a TV Stand that features flat screen panel mounts.

Measuring your space

Before you purchase a TV Stand you should get a general idea of how much space is available for your TV. If the size of your TV is based on a diagonal measurement, you should take the measurement of your TV from corner to corner to determine what size Stand you require. You should also make sure that you measure the depth of the TV to ensure that it fits on the mounts in the TV Stand.

Next, you will need to measure the room to determine how much floor space you have available to store your TV Stand. To ensure that your TV viewing experience is enjoyable, make sure that you allow enough space between the corners of the room and the TV Stand. Ideally the TV Stand should be placed in the centre of the wall with ample space on either side. You should also measure the height of your furniture to ensure that the TV Stand will place the TV at an comfortable viewing height that won’t cause you to strain your neck to watch TV from your couch or armchair.


TV Stand s are made from many different materials, including wood and metal. When you select a TV Stand, you should select one that is made from a material that matches the rest of the décor in your room. If the other furniture in your room is made from metal, opt for this material. If the décor features hardwoods, then a TV Stand made from a matching hardwood is a good choice. Ideally the TV Stand should blend in with the room. Don’t go for too bold options when you select a TV Stand unless you want it to stand out.

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