A Guide for Celebrating Your Dog at Christmas

Celebrating Your Dog at Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to shower your pup with some extra love and attention. Dogs seem to naturally pick up on the excitement of the occasion, so don’t be surprised if you catch them watching you eagerly as you decorate the tree or bake some cookies. While your pup might not be able to build a gingerbread house, there are lots of fun ways to include them in this special event. Consider adding these ideas to your holiday plans for making Christmas special for your favorite canine companion.

Plan Pup-Friendly Treats

With all of those holiday goodies adorning the table, it might be hard for your dog to practice self-control. You can make it easier for your dog to enjoy the festivities with everyone else if you give them a few special treats. Consider whipping up a dog-friendly cake or cookie that will give your dog a taste of what the holidays are all about.

Give the Gift of Obedience Training

You’ll definitely want to stash a few tennis balls in your dog’s stocking, but you can also give them a gift that just keeps on giving. Obedience training is a fun activity that you can do together, and it will help your dog start working on those New Year’s resolutions such as how to follow your commands. Building stronger communication between you and your pet helps you to look forward to spending many more holidays together.

Include Them On Your Holiday Cards

Dogs become just like any other member of your family, and they deserve to be front and center on your holiday cards. Try taking a fun selfie with your pet, or you can arrange for a professional photoshoot with your dog and the rest of your family. You can bet that the people on your card list will enjoy seeing your pet’s happy expression when they pick up their mail.

Invite Your Dog’s Friends Over for a Celebration

Dog birthday parties are a popular way to celebrate your pup turning another year older, and you can do a similar activity to celebrate Christmas. Hosting a dog Christmas party gives you a chance to help your pup socialize, and you can see how well they practice following your directions during the event. Make sure to plan a few fun activities, such as a dog obstacle course, and put out plenty of toys so that everyone has plenty of things to do.

Enjoy an After Dinner Walk Together

After behaving during the family dinner, your dog might be ready to burn off some energy. Show them that you noticed their efforts to be a good dog by pulling out their leash as soon as you get the opportunity. You’ll enjoy having a moment to enjoy some fresh air, and your pup will be excited to explore the neighborhood together. This might even become one of your favorite family traditions.

Christmas has a way of bringing all that you hold dear into sharper focus. As you think about everyone who makes your life better this season, remember that your dog always sticks by your side. Including them in your holiday activities and giving them a gift or two makes it clear that they are a much-appreciated part of all of the season’s festivities.

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