6 Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay Tips that You Need to Know About

XIV Gameplay

The world of Final Fantasy XIV has expanded a lot over the years. So, it gets quite confusing for beginners to get into the game because there is a lot to explore and it just gets overwhelming. Still, the game is loads of fun, nonetheless.

To give an initial boost over your competition and the challenges within the game, we have gathered together a list of some of the best Final Fantasy XIV tips and tricks for you. Knowing about these things would help you get better at it, in a short amount of time

So, let’s get started

1. Stay Out of AoE

In the Fantasy world of Eorzea, danger is everywhere. You don’t know when or from where you fall under attack and fail to defend yourself. So, an essential survival tip for you then is to look for the Area of Effect. It is a red circle that appears when an enemy attack is about to begin. As soon as you seen this effect, dodge out of the radius of AoE. You might be able to defend yourself of these AoEs in the beginning of that game and you can take your chances. But the defense gets quite hard as your progress in the game.

So, it would be better to hit a safe zone before getting attacked.

2. Use Mogstation to Get a Competitive Edge

Mog station is an online platform developed by Square Enix, the developers of the game for Final Fantasy XIV. It is an account management system that you can use to manage your entire final fantasy progress. It would allow you to do upgrades, pay for the game subscriptions, buy optional items and so much more.

Mogstation is a comprehensive Final Fantasy Account Management system which makes things a lot easier for you. You can even transfer between worlds and customize your character from here.

3. Make Friends for Group Challenges

Final Fantasy gameplay is all about meeting new people and growing as a community. And making friends gets even more important through higher levels in the game because you have to do group missions together. So, to make sure to create a team of strong warriors for yourself so that you can go into the battlefield with them. If you want to end the game with the best scores, making friends is essential and would go a long way for you.

4. Registering Teleport Location

Instead of exploring the entire world by yourself and traveling around in different parts of it, you can register locations for easy teleportation. You’d need to register locations that you want to transport to and although it is a bit expensive, it makes things a whole lot easier for you. You can also use mogstation to do world transfers for your character. Plus, registering new locations gets easier because you get a discount on the basis of purchases that you make.

5. Make Use of Hunting Log

Final Fantasy XIV hunting log contains information about the enemies and a hint of their location. It is your job to hunt down these enemies and kill them to gain XP. It is not just a side quest; you need to visit your hunting log and beat these enemies if you wish to progress in the game. It is important in terms of advancement in the game story.

6. Don’t Forget to Do Damage

Being a multiplayer online game, a higher-level player can enter your world in Final Fantasy XIV and kill all the main enemies for you and take points for themselves. To avoid that, you just need to do as much damage as you can. You’d probably be assisting the new player but if you can do as much as about 30% damage, you would also get XP points and quest credit. At, you can learn more about Final Fantasy and how you can get better at playing this online roleplaying game.

Final Words

That’s all there is to it. These are just some of the things that you need to know before starting with Final Fantasy XIV. Make sure to keep these tips in mind for getting an initial advantage over your competition and for performing at your best in Final Fantasy XIV.

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