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5 Problems That Require You To Hire Local Foundation Repairs

Hire Local Foundation Repairs

Foundation is the most important component of your home. Over time, it is only natural that your home’s foundation develops issues that need repair. Most of these issues are caused by the changing weather conditions, natural disasters, and the soil contraction/expansion occurring beneath it.

Here’s a handy guide on the most common problems that warrant the attention of local Baltimore foundation repairs.

1. Sinking Foundation

It’s normal for your house’s foundation to move and shift during the first few years after its construction. But, if you notice that your home is sinking, then it is time for you to contact an expert for a thorough evaluation.

Telltale signs of a sinking foundation are:

  • Vertical cracks in the foundation
  • A specific area of your home is sinking.

Oftentimes, a sinking foundation is a sign of settling. What starts to be a tiny half-inch dip in one part of your house can instantly become a serious problem. If not addressed properly, your home could sink up to 4 inches into the ground.

2. Foundation Upheaval

Now, this is the opposite of a sinking foundation. If you notice that your house’s foundation is moving in an upward direction, then it’s likely experiencing foundation upheaval.

This foundation problem is caused by soil contraction and expansion. Soil is heavily affected by moisture and it can significantly change its composition. In addition, freezing temperature and frost can also induce changes in soil distribution as well. Such pressures beneath can cause foundation upheaval.

If you notice small bumps on your flooring, then it might be time to call a professional.

3. Uneven Flooring

Another common foundation problem is uneven flooring. Whether it seems to be bowing or sagging, and uneven flooring may be caused by several things such as waterproofing issues that may have damaged the foundation or settling of the support columns.

If your foundation is moving, then it is best to have it repaired right away. Other than being annoying, a floor that is no longer level can be hazardous. Not to mention that it is indicative of foundational damage on the beam and pier structures.

4. Gaps in Doors and Windows

Gaps that occur around your exterior doors and/or windows are also other foundation problems that should be dealt with immediately.

You will notice window misalignment or doors that will not latch anymore. Such foundation problems can even occur before window and door frames and eventually damage the walls if left unattended.

5. Cracks and Fissures

This is the most common foundation problem. It is normal for foundations, floors, and even walls to develop tiny cracks in the first few years after construction.

However, if these gaps and fissures increase in size, then it is a sign of a damaged and problematic foundation. And a problematic foundation can mean problematic structural components as well.

So, make sure to hire a professional foundation repair company right away to inspect your home’s foundation and get it repaired immediately

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