4 Benefits of Shipping Your Car Cross Country

4 Benefits of Shipping Your Car Cross Country

Your car is probably one of your most prized possessions. Therefore, while relocating to a distant place, you may be concerned about how to protect it from damage. The whole relocation process is stressful and may physically and mentally drain you. Shipping your car is the safest and convenient option to transport your vehicle. It is also a good option for vehicles that are not entirely roadworthy and can quickly breakdown. If you want to transport a vintage car cross country, shipping saves you the hassle of dealing with numerous breakdowns on the highway.

It saves money and time

Preparing to drive your car cross country requires you properly plan for the long drive. First, you have to service your vehicle, plan for rest and gas stops, book hotels, and other hassles that come with driving a long distance. Shipping your car saves you from unnecessary worries and stress. The car shipping company will be responsible for the vehicle from the pick-up point to the last destination; this way, you can focus on other important matters.

People with busy schedules may not have time to plan for or make the drive cross country themselves. Shipping your car saves you a lot of time, and you will not miss many office hours. On the other hand, driving means getting some days off work, which means you can lose on wages and vacation days. You can also save more time using a faster and comfortable flight than driving for many hours in an unfamiliar route. Shipping your vehicle gives you the luxury to keep on working.

The cost of shipping your car and driving it yourself is almost the same. Shipping service saves you from incurring extra charges on travel expenses such as fuel and hotel expenses. You also get to save on repairs and maintenance costs made before and after the road trip.

Protects your car

Your car will reduce in value due to wear and tear after traveling thousands of miles. Likewise, you will have to schedule another expensive maintenance service with the mechanic, which adds to the expenses list. Shipping your car will not add any mileage on the odometer, which means you can get a good deal if you choose to resale later. Driving your car cross country can damage your tires, and your windshield is at risk of getting hurt by pests and insects.

Most shipping companies have professional and reliable truck drivers. This means that you can relax knowing your vehicle will be shipped safely and will arrive at the required destination on time.

Less risky for you and your family

Driving long distances puts you at risk for accidents caused by careless drivers or bad weather conditions. Also, you can get soreness and intense back pains from sitting long hours on the driver’s seat. Shipping your car gives you the option of using a comfortable flight for both you and your family. In households with more than one car, shipping ensures all the vehicles arrive at the same time.

Lower insurance costs

Insurance rates are based on mileage covered. A long drive means paying more premiums and even higher insurance if you get into an accident. Shipping your vehicle means you pay your standard insurance rates. However, insurance is only paid if the damage is done during the shipping process; hence ensure you are present when it gets inspection.

Shipping companies also provide insurance coverage when transporting your car, which gives you peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe hands. The shipping company will repair any damage made to the car while on transit to your new location.

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