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3 Surprising Health Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery

Surprising Health Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery

If you are struggling with obesity and are unable to lose weight through conservative measures such caloric restriction and exercise, then bariatric surgery may be the right treatment option for you.

Obesity raises your risk for chronic illnesses and may severely impair your mobility. If you are considering bariatric surgery Houston has some of the highest rated hospitals and bariatric surgeons to see you through your weight loss journey. Here are three surprising health benefits of weight loss surgery that you may be unaware of:

Depression Relief

If you are obese, you may be struggling with body image issues. Excess weight may also prevent you from participating in enjoyable activities and engaging with others in social situations.

This can raise your risk for developing mood disorders such as major depression and anxiety. Once you lose weight, your emotional health may improve, and if you take antidepressant medications, you may feel so good after your bariatric surgery, that your physician may decide to lower your dosage, or discontinue the medication altogether.

It is important to note, however, that if you suffer from severe depression, your bariatric surgeon may recommend that you seek psychological counseling before and after your surgery to help you better cope with your weight loss journey. Yes – with weight loss might come more sagging and wrinkling than anticipated. Usually nothing a botox procedure can’t fix in a few visits to the clinic, or privately after a properbotox training course has been mastered.

Better Diabetic Control

If you have uncontrolled diabetes, you may be at risk for heart attack, stroke, and renal failure. Obesity significantly raises your risk for diabetes and diabetes-related complications such as poor circulation and diabetic ulcers.

Bariatric surgery can lower your blood glucose levels to those of non-diabetic patients. When your blood glucose levels are within normal limits, you may no longer require diabetes medications such as insulin and oral anti-glycemic agents.

While bariatric surgery may help reduce your fasting blood sugar levels, and may even lead to remission of your diabetes, not following your post-weight loss surgery diet recommendations may spike your blood glucose levels once again.

Reduced Risk Of ESRD

This risk for end-stage renal disease, or ESRD, may be higher in those who are obese. Obesity increases the risk for diabetes and high blood pressure, two of the most significant risk factors in the development of ESRD. Because bariatric surgery lowers fasting blood glucose levels and reduces blood pressure, less stress is placed upon the kidneys, allowing them to function better.

In addition, the medications used in the treatment of diabetes and hypertension may contribute to chronic renal disease. When you lose weight, you may not need these medications anymore, which will also help improve kidney function.

If you are considering bariatric surgery Houston can offer you the treatment options that you need to regain your health.

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